Forrester publishes research on the business value of enterprise social software.

Emily Down | August 6, 2012

In April of this year, Forrester Research published an article titled, “Social Business: Delivering Critical Business Value,” in partnership with VMWare’s Socialcast. According to Forrester’s survey results, enterprise social solutions “can lead to faster and better decisions that can drive new product innovation, higher sales, improved customer service, and streamlined processes, just to name a few.”

This year, than 50% of organizations surveyed will make an investment in enterprise social solutions. Forrester explains, “As some of the early movers begin to realize significant business value, those waiting face the risk of being left behind.”


Forrester believes that “social business holds the promise to break down organizational and geographic boundaries that currently stop the free flow of information, access to expertise, and collective action that could provide an organization with significant competitive advantage.” And the surveyed companies agree, as more than half believe they can make better decisions and increase knowledge sharing through social technologies.

However, there are barriers to adoption. Forrester continues to explain, “When asked what would improve adoption of social tools, the top two responses were clear and unambiguous: 1) a better understanding of the business value, and 2) integration with existing back-end systems. In other words, don’t change my business to make it social; social should enable my business.”