Do you understand what your customers need?

Emily Down | January 31, 2011

We know innovation is important. We post about it on the blog, hear it from analysts & read it in reports. We see companies innovating & changing the ways in which we interact with products, environments and each other.

But innovating is tough. As a buzzword, innovation is ubiquitous. But as the saying goes, “easier said than done.” Today’s economic pressures make innovation more difficult for companies, as fewer teams have access to a plentiful R&D budget. That makes already precious R&D funds even more valuable. According to the 2011 State of Requirements Management Report, “gaining a clear understanding of what [their] customers want” is a top challenge for most companies. However, innovators must leverage customer feedback in order to clearly understand their end-users’ needs, creating not only innovative products but also products their customers will use.

Statistic from the State of Requirements Management Report 2011

In December 2010, Jama Software partnered with Ravenflow to conduct an industry-wide survey including over 800 participants about the challenges, trends & successes in requirements management today. For more information about today’s world of RM, download a copy of the 2011 Report or attend the Trends & Technologies Webinar on February 10th.