Diagramming Data Flow with Requirements

Will French | July 26, 2013

When documenting requirements for your next product, you often need to include a flowchart, swimlane diagram or use-case diagram directly into your requirements. In today’s world, your process could entail creating that diagram in one tool and then copy-and-pasting it into another tool (usually Microsoft Word). With Jama’s embedded diagram editor, you can create and modify diagrams directly within the rich-text editor. This not only saves time by keeping you in one tool instead of two, but also increases the visisbility of your diagrams because they are placed directly into Jama’s collaborative solution.

You can also use Jama’s diagram editor allow for flow charts and swimlane diagrams, it can also be used for quick screen mock-ups, BPM diagrams, use-case diagrams and more.

In this short video, I compressed 10 minutes of real-time action down to 60 seconds to show you how the diagram takes shape in Jama. I created this flowchart for a prospect who was unaware of our diagramming capabilities; they were very impressed and I hope you are too!

Watch the time-lapse video on diagramming requirements in Jama >

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