Jama Accepts the Bike Commute Challenge

Prashant Bhatia | September 12, 2014

Jama Bikes

Jama Software is all geared up to take on the 2014 Bike Commute Challenge. This is our 4th year participating in this month long event. Each member of our team is tracking his or her miles each day to help Jama win against our rivals: Jive Software, New Relic and Puppet Labs who have accepted our challenges for this year’s competition.

Last year’s participation is something we’re pretty proud of. Jama had 48 of 83 employees participate to log 521 trips, which equaled over 4,643 miles biked! In the bunch there were three first time riders. Last year’s rival teams had commute rates of 8.02% and 28.19% while Jama boasted 35.2%! This year we plan to surpass our rivals by an even greater percentage and keep the crown! So far, 76 of 117 employees signed up for the challenge.

The goal is plain and simple this year: Bike from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and back in 30 days. Yup, the Jama team plans to bike a total of 6,300 miles. Team captains will track progress throughout the month on a US map everyday.  Below you’ll see where we were after our first few days of commuting.


In order to encourage participation, many fun-filled activities and events have been planned for the participants. Activities include favorites such as SE food cart ride, 100% participation day, pancake breakfast, mystery ride, bike pub crawl, custom bike fitting, and many others.  A spirited rider and newbie rider will each be presented with a trophy at the end of the month.

Jama Software is proud to be a part of the Bike Commute Challenge. While promoting an alternative mode of transportation and healthy living, BCC also aims to serve as a team building activity. Updates on Team Jama will be provided throughout the month.


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