How Siteworx Delivers Innovative Digital Experiences

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How Siteworx Delivers Innovative Digital Experiences

Customer Profile: Siteworx For companies like Time Warner Cable, NPR and PBS, online media management is business-critical. Designing and implementing a digital experience that allows audiences to find and discover content–and enables the company to manage this vital business asset over time–is at the core of Siteworx’s offering. For over a decade this agency has helped these large media companies serve up millions of page views and ecommerce transactions every month. Innovation drives award-winning product development With it’s unique offering of strategic vision, creative design and technical solutions Siteworx has delivered premier online media and… Read more >

New In Jama: Streamlined workflows for greater productivity

In this latest release of Jama we’re excited to announce new features and enhancements to existing features that streamline the tasks you do every day. The Jama Product team has interviewed dozens of Jama customers over the last year, studying the workflows of successful product teams, and designed these updates to ensure that people can find content quickly and work most efficiently. Find your most recent work quickly with updated Home Page Your Jama home page shows your recently viewed projects for quick access to your active work. We’ve… Read more >

Top-Down or Bottom-Up: How the C-Suite Can Help Big Problems Get Solved

Smart solutions aren’t stored in siloes anymore. See for yourself with a free 30-day Jama trial. “In examining hundreds of executive profiles developed over the past decade or so…we have seen some clear signals about how C-level jobs are evolving. One strikingly consistent finding: Once people reach the C-suite, technical and functional expertise matters less than leadership skills and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. Chief information officers need to know how to create business models… In other words, the skills that help you climb… Read more >

Product Managers: You Can Say No and Still Make People Happy

In just about every conversation we have with product managers we hear different versions of the same story: We must say no to feature requests that don’t map to top priorities, and we have to do it about 10 times a day. Product managers get requests from multiple sources: the sales team, key customers, the competition, the executive team and their own market research. Sometimes going through the process of rejecting someone’s idea can draining, especially if there isn’t a common understanding of priorities across the organization…. Read more >

Don’t Let Becoming More Efficient Slow You Down

Adopting a new software system at work can be daunting, no matter how much benefit is promised. You may find yourself prioritizing other activities over learning the new system and new workflows as an act of avoidance. Perhaps you let other team members adopt first in hopes that you can learn from their experience and get help along the way. Even when you know that your team, your product, and your company needs to improve its processes or approach (you may have even been an… Read more >

From DOORSv.9 to NextGen? Don’t Double Down for Twice the Trouble

If you’re considering a move from DOORSv.9 to NextGen because you think you have no choice, hold that thought; you do. See for yourself how much more efficient, faster and easier product development and management could be with a free 30-day Jama trial. Are you building for the long run or just to get by right now? For any company making requirements management software and tools that product managers need to use, that is the question. And for DOORS users, just getting people to use… Read more >

Keeping Teams Aligned with Agile Workflow Design

When you hear the word “workflow” do you get excited, like you can’t wait to spend a day in front of a white board with a cross-departmental team and map out how you will all work together happily ever after? Or, are you like most people and dread the thought of going through the process of designing and implementing a new workflow, no matter how badly you know your organization needs to change the way it works? Anyone who’s been through an organizational change in… Read more >

A Critical Test – SpaceX readies for manned missions

This morning SpaceX launched its Pad Abort Test, a critical step in preparing for its first manned missions, slated to start in 2017. The abort system provides escape capability to the crew onboard the ship from any time between lift off and reaching orbit. In the event of a catastrophe, the 8 SuperDraco engines SpaceX has installed around its crew capsule would fire, driving the capsule up in the air and deploying parachutes for a safe landing. An unnamed dummy will join the test as… Read more >

Close DOORS & Modernize Requirements Management With Jama

Stop chasing down documents in DOORS and focus on the items within them that matter. For many years, IBM’s Rational DOORS (v.9) has been a widely adopted Requirements Management (RM) tool for teams working with high-compliance systems engineering programs. Because it’s often sold into the enterprise as part of a larger IBM suite, its widespread use is sometimes a matter of default rather than choice. If you’re like most of today’s systems-driven engineering organizations, you’re primarily in the business of producing complex, finished products and… Read more >

How to create breakthrough innovation — “special forces” style

“…In recent decades there have been many attempts to apply the DARPA model [of innovation] in other organizations…All those efforts—or at least the ones with which we’re familiar—have had mixed results or failed. These disappointments have led people to conclude that the successes of this extraordinary agency simply can’t be replicated outside the Department of Defense. “We disagree.” So say Regina Dugan and Kaigham Gabriel, former directors at the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) — the organization that has produced an unparalleled number… Read more >

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