Tasktop 3.6 and Jama

Today, Tasktop announced Tasktop Sync 3.6 to support “the intricate requirements management needs of embedded software development.” We are thrilled that the latest version includes… Read more >

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The Power of What You Do Not Know

I know a successful businessman that has been president and CEO of an organization for 25 years. He has an impressive track record and his… Read more >


5 Tips for Software Adoption

Technology Adoption vs. Change It can be tempting to think of technology adoption and change as one in the same. But there are inherent differences,… Read more >


Jama Turns 7

It’s a big week in Jama Nation: our 7th Birthday was July 7, and we’ve spent the week reminiscing on our intranet about favorite Jama… Read more >


Develop and Deliver Faster with Better Requirements

Most projects fail before the first line of code is written. Before the first miscommunication happens or the first unexpected delay, the requirements set the… Read more >


2014 State of Aerospace Innovation

The recently released Thomson Reuters 2014 State of Innovation highlights the trend among companies in developing innovative, proprietary technology as a key to retaining a… Read more >


Product News Round-Up: Wink Connects, Chromecast and iPhone Rumors

The New York Times this week reported that Quirky, the crowdsourcing invention company is making yet another move in the connected home devices space. The… Read more >


Defining Requirements Baselines

Software developers often want to freeze the requirements following some initial requirements work and then proceed with development, unencumbered with those pesky changes. This is… Read more >


King For A Day

Often when conversing with a potential customer about the challenges they are facing bringing products to market, document chaos has driven them to their breaking… Read more >


Eric Winquist on The Price of Business

Recently Jama CEO Eric Winquist was a guest on The Price of Business on Bloomberg Radio, hosted by Kevin Price. During the broadcast, Eric and… Read more >

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