Characteristics of a Good Test Management System

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The Product Manager’s Quest: A Unicorn Named Traceability

Open just about any business management book or blog and the topic of accountability—and the eternal quest for it—will turn up. But when your world revolves around managing the creation, iteration and release of new products, traceability much more accurately defines what you seek. The frustrating fact is that, for most product managers, trying to implement traceability that occurs concurrent with build processes is like trying to wish a unicorn into existence. It’s something you aspire to see, but repeated trial and error suggests it… Read more >

The New Collaboration Imperative

In this age of continuous delivery when increased time pressures compound communication breakdowns, keeping teams aligned has never been more important. Methodologies such as Agile and DevOps address these issues, and they require evangelists — plus tools — to support these practices. Jama Product Manager Derwyn Harris weighs in on this piece in CA’s publication, rewrite, on “purposeful collaboration” and how social media conventions within product development software support these teams. Smart collaboration is critical in any tech endeavor, because moving parts are plentiful. But what does “collaboration”… Read more >

When Perseverance Doesn’t Pay Off

“‘We were not building the [Fire Phone] for the customer—we were building it for Jeff,’ this source says. With Bezos managing every critical decision, teams began second-guessing themselves trying to anticipate how he would react.” “The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos’s Fire Phone Debacle And What It Means For Amazon’s Future” Fast Company “Fail Harder” is something a former boss of mine (and a Wieden+Kennedy exec prior to that) used to quote as a way to calm the concerns of the clients we worked with… Read more >

Characteristics of a Good Test Management System

In product development, designing a good test strategy is challenging in a number of ways and requires broad, strategic thinking. The goal of testing is to ensure that you release a best-quality product that meets customer expectations as documented in your early design concept and requirements gathering phases. Here we’ve laid out the key elements to a successful test strategy. Prioritize test cases for efficiency and quality It’s vital to prioritize testing by relevancy and not perform testing that is irrelevant. Without proper planning, testing… Read more >

5 Trends for Design Engineers to Watch

A few weeks back I had a great talk with Rob Spiegel of DesignNews about the changing landscape for design engineers, and the trends we’re seeing in team collaboration and technology integrations that will have a major impact on product design and development. Big changes are occurring in product delivery, and those changes are altering the work environment for design engineers. We are already seeing many of these trends impacting all aspects of product development, from design to delivery. Greater importance of the product manager… Read more >

Customer Spotlight: Race Car Engineers Finish First with Jama

Our customers produce a wide variety of products using our product delivery platform, and across industries, speed to market is a primary concern. For FS Delft Racing, it’s not only about building a quality product on time, it’s truly about crossing the finish line first. In 2013, FS Delft Racing broke the world record for acceleration of an electric vehicle by going from 0-100 kmh in 2.15 seconds. The team, based in the Netherlands at Delft University of Technology, is an elite group of engineering… Read more >

The Key to Continuous Development: Iteration

We love a good debate about the individual merits of each development method as much as the next product development team. Whether you’re a die-hard Agilist or you’re more into Scragile, Scrummerfall or Wagile what matters in this age of continuous delivery is that you have a means to foster collaboration and keep teams aligned and iterating–fast. Our Director of Business Intelligence, Eric Nguyen, weighed in on this article in TechTarget. Continuous delivery is not a software development methodology per se. It is a practice… Read more >

On the Move: Jama Heads Downtown

Today is the last day of 2014. Today is also the last day before 137 Jama employees move into our new world headquarters. Moving is exciting and moving is a new beginning and I’d say this is a bittersweet move except that in the last 15 months we’ve been so busy, so bursting at the seams in our two current offices that I didn’t really stop to be nostalgic until yesterday; until yesterday the move (and our new office!) was nothing but sweet (Ample conference… Read more >

Jama Recognized as one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies

On December 4, 2014 Jama was recognized by the Portland Business Journal as being one of Oregon’s Most Admired Companies. For the past 10 years, the PBJ has surveyed 2,600 CEOs annually across Oregon to select the companies they most admire in our region. The CEOs are asked to select three companies in order of priority that they most admire in eight different industries: Agriculture and Forest Products, Commercial Real Estate, Financial Services, Health Care, Manufacturing, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Technology and a category called ‘across… Read more >

Product Updates: December 6 Release

We’re excited to announce the launch of the December 2014 Release. We’ve introduced new features in Jama to make sure the people who manage the “what and the why” of product delivery have the right information, in the right place, at the right time, and can make faster and more accurate decisions. Read on to learn about the new features available in the Jama December Release. New User Interface Jama has a more streamlined flow for using the core List and Reading Views, including in-line… Read more >

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