Join us at Building Business Capability 2014

Next week a team from Jama heads to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the Building Business Capability conference as a silver sponsor of the event. We’re… Read more >


Why Choose Jama SaaS?

We are occasionally asked by our prospects about the benefits of Jama SaaS. As cloud-based software, Jama SaaS affords users access to the latest product… Read more >


How Agile Can We Be? Proposing a Manifesto Makeover

The Agile Manifesto has served software teams very well since its 2001 introduction, but it currently presents real challenges for business analysts and other stakeholders… Read more >


Planning for ROI: Best Practices of Project Management

“Software has automated a lot of things, but not goals, resources, and products.” What The Hell Is Project Management, Anyway? Fast Company With a lengthy… Read more >


Changing how we Measure Progress in Product Delivery

Progress, everyone wants to know about progress. When it comes to product delivery there isn’t a more important metric than progress. But it’s not enough… Read more >


Protecting Against POODLE

Jama Software takes the security of its customers seriously. As a result, Jama has taken steps to protect against a new SSL vulnerability code named… Read more >


Vector Software Offers Integration with Jama Software

This week Vector Software announced a Jama integration with their testing solution, VectorCAST. We are very excited about this announcement because Vector Software and Jama… Read more >


Rethinking the Agile Manifesto: Looking to the Future

This is the ninth post in a series examining the changes that have occurred since the Agile Manifesto was published and the implications they have… Read more >


Just Launched: Public Reviews that Respect User Permissions

In the September, 2014 Jama release, we added a new “Public Reviews” feature, and now we’ve added even more controls. The Review Center’s integrated collaboration… Read more >


Product Delivery Strategies for Systems Engineering

According to a May 2013 report on disruptive technologies from the McKinsey Global Institute, the number of connected machine-to-machine devices has increased 300% since 2008…. Read more >

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