Watch now: How to Manage Remote Collaboration for Product Development with Jama Connect™

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A must-see webinar about remote collaboration is now available in our Resource Center. Matt Mickle of Jama Software and Sabina Söderstjerna from our autonomous transport customerEinride demonstrate how the Jama Connect platform helps remote teams communicate effectively and stay productive. 

Learn how Jama Connect supports a feature-based development process for Einride.

Sabina shares best practices Einride teams uses as they improve and develop different features through Jama Connect. During her session you’ll learn: 

  • How Jama Connect capabilities help identify which feature should receive the highest priority for development—an extremely helpful benefit if you don’t have a team of hundreds of developers to help you. 
  •  How the collaborative elements of Comment Stream and Review Center in Jama Connect impact Einrides decision-making.  

The remote collaboration enabled by Jama Connect helps Einride’s Core Team fulfill its mission, despite physical distance. Together, they can ensure that the product built meets the specifications and requirements outlined.  

See the key functions that enable remote collaboration in Jama Connect.

In Matts session, he works directly in the platform. You’ll see how Jama Connect works as a modern replacement for legacy requirements management tools, and how collaboration features set it apart. 

The goal is for Jama to be a very easy-to-use tool, for it to be very user-friendly so that a lot of people can jump in and get started right away. – Matt Mickle, Senior Consultant, Jama Professional Services

Matt covers three methods of communication and collaboration: 

  • Collaboration Stream: How to create actionable communication streams to elicit feedback from stakeholders. 
  • Reviews for Feedback and/or Approval: How to bring selected people together to get targeted feedback on a small section or component, or to get sign off on a larger body of work. 
  • Single Source of Truth: How to keep the conversations in one place and connected to ensure nothing gets missed and you don’t have to chase down context. 

Learn remote collaboration best practices and see how Jama Connect helps remote teams work more efficiently.

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