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In a previous post, Mario Maldari writes about his first week at Jama Software and gives insight into the Jama Software community and company culture. 

Version 1.0The beginning 

It’s hard to imagine that I started my career over 20 years ago, working on requirements management software.  I had just moved out to Boulder, Colorado from Boston and began work as a software test lead on a popular requirements product named RequisitePro. Over the next three years I saw the product evolve from a “floating tool bar” (that was to accommodate users who were comfortable with using Word and Excel) to a full-blown application with folder-based hierarchy and feature reach functionality. Other experimentations occurred during this time, which included plugins to VSNET and Eclipse. Our main competitor was a product from Telelogic named “DOORS.” These were indeed exciting times as the software industry seemed to be constantly evolving and we were working hard to keep up! 

Version 2.0Evolution 

In 2003, Rational Software was acquired by IBM®.  New technology, architecture, and clients were all added to help shift and shape the software. Rational® became part of the larger software group with giants like DB2 and Websphere.  The old suite of products were reinvented with Requirements Composer being the key offering for requirements management, which later evolved in to IBM® DOORS® Next®.  There was a focus on Rich Text editing to better accommodate clients who were using documents and spreadsheets.

In 2007, Telelogic was acquired by IBM and my two worlds combined. It was great to partner with what was once the competition and I met some of my favorite colleagues during this time. Efforts were made to capture the best of both Rational and Teleologic and combine them in to one offering. The products evolved and grew more complex to address the many varied industries they were intended to support.     

Version 3.0Change and growth 

Often times, we see smaller companies who don’t anticipate the need for formal requirements management early on.  They will either not track requirements or try and manage them using a spreadsheet or document.  When faced with a regulatory audit, they quickly realize the need for a more formalized method and strategy for tracking their requirements. Equally as important, is showing how the requirements have been verified and validated. The informal means of tracking requirements can prevent scale and hinder the growth of a business. It is essential to plan early and strategize on an approach to formally track requirements across the lifecycle. 

Requirements management software is needed across all industries and must accommodate a myriad of standards.  It must be simple to use, but powerful. It must be customizable, but effective “out of the box.” 

I’ve found the following key characteristics as essential needs for any good requirements management tool: 

  • Usability and simplicity 
  • Clear traceability and suspect tracking 
  • Version and baseline tracking 
  • Import, export, and reuse 
  • Collaboration and reviews 
  • Reporting and audit support
  • Verification and Validation  

The tooling and feature set itself is important, but what is also needed is a company that can support their clients through proactive thought leadership, guidance and industry specific templates and material that increase time to value. 

My version 3.0 requirements management journey has recently led me to Jama Software as a solutions architect supporting the aerospace and defense vertical. Jama Software develops the Jama Connect requirements solution. In addition to a great requirements management tool, they are industry experts, and provide expert thought leadership and best practice guidance to their clients.  This level of knowledge is a key distinguishing factor when searching for a requirements management tool. I am happy to be part of this extremely energetic, client focused company and truly looking forward to this version of my career in requirements management! 


Jama Software

If you’ve noticed some changes to the look and feel of Jama Software’s website… we want you to know that they’re more than just updated colors and spiffy functionality; they’re a reflection of a broader commitment to our customers and supporting the future of product development.

Our customers are at the forefront of innovative product development. They’re developing life-saving medical devices and spacecraft that will change the way we think of space travel. And while we know that our contribution may be nominal, we are committed to delivering the best requirements management platform, customer service, and overall experience that we can provide to our customers.

Every day we ask ourselves what a smart product development platform looks like. Is it possible to manage exponentially greater complexity with a platform people will actually look forward to using? Can we build a platform so indispensable to business that decision-makers will turn to it? And to those questions, we say yes.

Meet the New Faces of Jama Software

Our website isn’t the only thing that’s new – we’ve welcomed some incredible talent to the Jama Software team recently, and we can’t wait for you to meet them!

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Jama Software is passionate about creating a workplace that values diversity in race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability status, and perspective. And while this has always been true, we’re doubling down on our commitment to this effort.

Our mission is to ensure that all employees and potential employees experience Jama Software as an inclusive, collaborative, and inspiring place to work. We provide professional growth opportunities by investing in our employees; identifying and eliminating barriers to full participation; and cultivating an environment where employees know they are supported and valued.

As a result, we attract, hire, promote, and retain talented and compassionate people from diverse backgrounds — giving our customers confidence they are partnering with a company built on and dedicated to a strong set of core values.

The Future of Jama Software

Spring is a great time for new beginnings and we have some big things in the works for this year and beyond. We are working to ensure our customers can put less thought into the manual and mental labor of their development process, and instead spend more time innovating. Stay tuned.

Discover why Jama Software is continually named a top workplace and explore our open positions.


Jama SoftwareAs I’m writing this, I can’t believe I’m already passed my first month working at Jama Software as a new Jamanian, but what a month it’s been!

Enjoying Jama Software’s Virtual-First Culture

From virtual winter parties, yoga sessions, movie nights, coffee breaks, and zoom onboarding to delivering my first demo – it’s been a great and memorable introduction into an awesome company. There’s a stimulating buzz around the new starter group I onboarded with, and with Jama Software continually growing, I’m already no longer the last one through the entrance door here!

Whilst onboarding remotely into a new company was certainly unique, I’ve been inundated with offers of help and support by many people, all eager to help me settle into the company and contribute to my success — which has been welcomed and appreciated.

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Proudly Putting Customers First

I’ve quickly realized that I’m part of a wider team all focused on delivering outstanding customer engagements and helping them grow with Jama Software. Not only do we have people to help at all stages of the customer journey, (sales, implementation, account management, technical support ongoing consultancy and more…), these people are always looking to enhance services provided to strengthen our relationships with our clients and help build new ones.

Investing in our Product

Furthermore, I’m tremendously excited to hear the roadmap for Jama Connect and how we’re now geared up to take things to the next level. Being part of something that is growing and a company that is continuing to invest in its product, customers, and people (current and future) is extremely stimulating to me and something I’m looking forward to being part of.

It’s no wonder Jama Software has been rated a leader within the ALM domain which you can read more about here.

Experiencing Jama Software’s Commitment to Community

Being encouraged to volunteer for causes near to me is something I’m really impressed with. The company has built some great links with non-profit organizations which help people, especially in times of need—something that is more important than ever in the current climate. I’m looking forward to being a part of these contributions to the local community and giving back.

Focusing on the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Having worked across different industries in my previous role, I’m now very enthusiastic to be working within the aerospace & defense vertical, which is a strong area for Jama Software, with some great customers stories already.

With the release of our Airborne Systems solution, which includes out of the box process templates and compliance to various regulations, I’m looking forward to working with customers to help them achieve compliance across their product development lifecycle more easily.

In today’s remote working world, having a collaborative platform to streamline compliance and drive innovation for new projects is key – and where Jama Connect can help.

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Looking Towards the Future at Jama Software

In summary, all of the above has contributed to a great first month at the company. I’m looking forward to speaking with new customers and expanding existing relationships proving to them why Jama Software is crucial to their project success.

For now, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn to answer any further questions you may have and watch out for more events coming soon!

Take care, stay safe and I look forward to catching up soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

Discover why Jama Software is continually named a top workplace and explore our open positions.