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Since the early days of Jama, it has been important for us to give back as an organization. When we were a new company landing our first customers, we had limited revenue and funds for charity, but we were committed to making community giving and charity part of our culture.

We found the answer in Kiva, the micro-lending site that provides funding to people who want to make a difference in their communities. This tradition of giving has scaled with our company as we have grown and we just made our 607th loan. We’re proud to be in the top 1% of lenders across Kiva’s network. Our loans have gone to projects in 52 different countries (check out the map below).

For every new customer that signs a contract for Jama’s product-delivery software, Jama funds loans to entrepreneurs growing businesses around the world. These are business owners in their respective communities making an impact — chicken farmers in Cambodia, goat farmers in Kenya, rice growers in Vietnam, etc.  As repayments on loans come in, Jama continues to reinvest via Kiva to new borrowers. The delinquency rate is extremely low – less than .05%.

We’re glad to contribute to Kiva, which embodies the innovative collaboration that we strive to bring to our customers. Learn more about Jama’s Kiva loans and what it’s like to work at Jama.

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