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[Series Recap] Optimizing Product and Systems Development Process with Jama Connect

[Series Recap[ Optimizing Product and Systems Development Processes

With over 12.5 million active users, organizations around the globe rely on Jama Connect to improve their product development process and bring the world’s most innovative products and systems to market.  

Over the last few months, we’ve been running a webinar series called “Optimize Your Product and Systems Development Process with Jama Connect,” designed to specifically help our customers and future customers get the most out of Jama Connect. While the series has concluded, we feel that there was a great amount of value in these webinars. 

Check out the three-part series below for an in-depth overview of how to use Jama Connect to optimize your product and systems development process.  

Episode 1 | Standardizing Requirements Management Across the Organization 

Quick overview: In this webinar, experts discuss the benefits of defining, deploying, and enforcing requirements management standards for your organization. 

Full Overview: 

According to an survey, 83% of companies experienced at least one negative product outcome including: significant delays, cost overruns, product defects, compliance gaps, recalls, omitted requirements, and lengthy rework. Often these negative outcomes were directly related to poor requirements management.  

On the flip side, standardization fosters excellence in requirements management, resulting in consistency, repeatability, predictability, and a competitive edge. 

In the first episode of our Optimize with Jama Connect webinar series, we‘ll explore the benefits of defining, deployingand enforcing requirements management standards within your organization.  

We‘ll also share best practices for requirements management standards and illustrate Jama Connect can help facilitate a successful and sustainable approach.  

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The benefits of standardizing requirements management across the organization
  • Common challenges in requirements management standardization
  • Using Jama Connect to facilitate implementation of requirements management best practices and standards


Episode 2 | Managing Product Development Complexities Across Hardware and Software Teams 

Quick overview: In this webinar, learn to solve key challenges when integrating hardware and software requirements, risks, and tests in complex product and systems development. 

Full Overview: 

With the growing complexity of products and software, the more complicated the process required to build it becomes — and the accompanying increased risk of flaws which can lead to expensive, and potentially reputation-harming recalls. Managing complexities across software and hardware development requires the entire development process to consider (and include) a variety of teams and interdependencies. 

In the second episode of our Optimize with Jama Connect webinar series, we will discuss some of the key challenges that teams face when integrating hardware and software requirements, risks, and tests, with a document based or legacy tool approach. We’ll also discuss how Jama Connect and its integration capabilities helps teams developing complex systems and products to:  

  • Reduce product development risk  
  • Provide end-to-end traceability for all involved teams 
  • Improve product quality  


Episode 3 | Building a More Effective and Efficient Product Development Process 

Quick overview: In this webinar, experts share how Jama Connect can help make your product development processes more efficient and effective

Full Overview: 

An ideal product development process requires close collaboration between teams, up-to-date knowledge of applicable regulations, and an efficient requirements management platform for defining, verifying, and validating requirements. However, not every manager is convinced that his or her team needs to do a better job on requirements development and management, or that such an investment will pay off —despite numerous industry studies which indicate that requirements issues are a pervasive cause of project distress. 

In the third episode of our Optimize with Jama Connect webinar series, we’ll cover some of the ways our customers have used Jama Connect to improve not only their requirements, risk, and test management processes, but also their end-to-end product development process and outcomes 

Register for this webinar to learn more about how Jama Connect helps teams to:

  • Speed development with finegrained, structured data
  • Spot bugs and problems sooner by improving visibility
  • Rethink linear development processes to work in parallel 


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