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It’s a Tough Job but Someone’s Gotta Do It, Pt. VII. How Jama Helps VPs of Sales

If there’s a constant theme for VPs of Sales, it’s pressure. In times flush and lean, driven by forecasts definitive and dubious, sales teams are the shock absorbers and the turbo chargers that sustain and propel a company. Sales always has a journey mapped out, but it also always has to be prepared to reroute around unplanned obstructions.

Suffice it to say that maintaining this forward momentum is never not a challenge. But for VPs of Sales concerned with selling complex products and services, minimizing navigation errors is critical because much is at stake:

Tall tasks:

  • Shouldering responsibility for keeping projections and actual sales aligned. A key part of this responsibility: Understanding how current and future product capabilities align with customer needs so teams can accurately sell to expectations over time.
  • Providing valuable user insights to product team leaders to create solutions that help the product evolve.

Pressure points:

  • Lacking visibility into the reasons behind product changes, their causes and effects, and the resulting pros and cons for customers.
  • Being dependent on others to communicate product changes that affect sales’ strategy and tactics.
  • Lacking an efficient way to best provide sales and customer feedback to the product team.
  • Feeding critical sales input into an email, spreadsheet or document-based vortex where it goes unrecognized and unprioritized.

Burning desires:

To have a simple, accessible and intuitive overview of product development status in order to communicate new features as part of the sales process, and to easily be able to deliver customer insights back to the product team.

With Jama, VPs of Sales can turn hazardous “Wild Wild West” episodes into trailblazing “Bonanza” epics.

How so? You’re able to…

  • Ensure that your sales team stays involved in the product delivery process from start to finish.
  • Capture and share customer feedback.
  • Keep the organization aligned with the strategic goals of the project.
  • Communicate easily with the entire project team to get clarification and decisions made, regardless of location.

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