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It’s a Tough Job but Someone’s Gotta Do It, Pt. I. How Jama Helps Product Managers

40-50%. That’s the percentage of companies that manage the creation, iteration, testing and launch of new products with MS Office, Google Docs and other all-purpose documentation tools, according to research in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Software Requirements Definition and Management Solutions.”

Many other companies muddle through the best they can with clunky, kludgey, user-unfriendly legacy systems such as IBM DOORS.

Either way, when multiple teams are stuck with archaic tools that are a pain to use, Product Managers have a heck of a time keeping the people, the processes and the methodologies everyone must follow together.

Folks end up retreating to their silos of expertise, and that creates a bigger problem: When important product data is lost in emails or locked up in static documents, your teams fall out of sync, progress slows, important steps get overlooked and the product you’re responsible for becomes much more likely to fail.

As a Product Manager, you can’t afford to waste time on tools that bog down critical processes, because you’ve already got more than enough on your plate and on your mind:

Tall tasks:

  • Translating high-level strategic objectives into tactical implementation and making sure that everyone involved stays aligned.

Pressure points:

  • Connecting customer needs to product features.
  • Providing road map visibility and updates when things change.
  • Reconciling the opinions of stakeholders with concrete data and communicating critical details  to the appropriate audiences.

Burning desires:

  • To be able to easily communicate strategy, vision, project status, blocks and needs in all directions.

With Jama, Product Managers can turn “Mission:Impossible” episodes into “MacGyver” epics.

How so? You’re able to…

  • Capture customer feedback, prioritize new features and plan releases faster.
  • Gain greater visibility into what is being built to ensure the product delivers what your customers, and the business plan, expect.
  • Communicate easily with the every individual on the project and program to get clarification and decisions made, regardless of location.

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