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G2 Names Jama Connect a Fall 2020 High Performer in ALM Software

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Earlier this year, G2 named Jama Connect a High Performer in ALM Software Solutions and commended our platform for having the easiest setup and easiest admin. We’re proud to say that we have again been awarded this rank in the G2 Fall 2020 Awards, while increasing both our customer satisfaction rankings and our market presence.

This award has special meaning to the team here at Jama Software because it’s awarded by those who know us best – our customers.

Why Did Customers Select Jama Connect as a High-Performance Award Winner?

This award was based on over 70 customer reviews with an overwhelming majority of customers giving the Jama Connect ALM solution a 4 or 5 star rating. Reviewers praised Jama Connect for everything from an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to immense cost savings, and almost always touched on process improvement. Here are two reviews that stood out to us:

“Jama moved our requirements and test processes out of the 1990s. The collaboration tools have had the most impact. We are able to reduce our number of meetings and save less time waiting on feedback loops and herding email chains. The reporting capabilities has really shown where we have holes in our processes that need improvement. [Jama Connect has improved] collaboration and getting the stakeholders to make comments directly on requirements vs. vague emails. We are moving into having our dev teams document their tech specs and unit tests, making this a full ALM tool.”
Verified Review from an Administrator in Legal Services 
“Seven years of success with Jama Connect. The review system is easy to use and encourages secondary users to be involved in the requirements process. We’re developing traditional waterfall requirement documents. Being able to export requirements to our test department’s tools has been really helpful.”
Verified Review from Mark S., Manager at a Mid-Market Company

How Does G2 Classify ALM Software Solutions?

According to the G2 2020 ALM Award Winner’s report, to qualify as an ALM suite, a product must:

  • Possess tools for requirements management
  • Possess tools for software development and testing
  • Provide team collaboration features
  • Provide release management features
  • Provide tools for governance and maintenance

How Does G2 Determine ALM Software Solutions Award Winners?

G2 ranks products based on two factors: customer satisfaction (through user reviews) and market presence—with market share, vendor size, and social impact all considered. To achieve the High Performer ranking in the Application Lifecycle Management Tools category, a product scores high in the user review category but doesn’t yet have the market presence of a product in the leader quadrant.

That could change soon for Jama Connect. But as noted above, our market presence is continuing to expand quarter over quarter. Each month, 2.5 million visitors trust G2 for buyer guidance and insights, and users continue to rank Jama Connect as a trusted, revolutionary tool for engineering teams. As Jama Software Chief Product Officer Josh Turpen notes, “G2 goes above and beyond to be a trusted online resource for businesses everywhere, so an award like this helps get our name out there.”

Other companies that joined the ranks in the High Performers category include Polarion ALM and Micro Focus ALM, though both ranked lower in customer satisfaction.

From all of us here at Jama Software, we are proud to accept this award and honored to have the privilege to continue serving our innovative and revolutionary customers. We have a lot of exciting things in the works, so stay tuned to see what’s next from our solution, team, and customers. To learn more about G2’s Fall 2020 awards and read more reviews of Jama Connect, head to G2.com.