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G2 Awards Jama Connect™ High Performer, Easiest Setup, Easiest Admin

Application Lifecycle Management

Jama Software kicked off 2020 with accolades from people who know us best — customers.

Software customer review site G2 awarded Jama Connect™ the Enterprise High Performer rating for Winter 2020 in the Application Lifecycle Management Tools category.

The product also received Easiest Setup and Easiest Admin from G2.

“These G2 awards have special meaning” says Jama Software Chief Product Officer Josh Turpin, “because we know they’re based on customer satisfaction reviews from people who actually use our product and know it well.”

Jama Connect Leads with Superior Customer Ratings

undreds of thousands of employees at companies worldwide go to G2 to write detailed, honest assessments of the products they use every day. Other products in the Application Lifecycle Management Tools category, including IBM Engineering Workflow Management and IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Nexthad relatively low customer satisfaction scores despite a higher market presence because they lacked enough positive reviews.  

Jama Connect users noted how the product simplified management of complex systems: 

“Very easy and intuitive user interfaceWe have a very complex product with multiple (10+) subsystems, all interconnected in many degrees of complexity. The ability to maintain requirements and the trace linkages for all is a great benefit for us as we face auditing on a regular basis.”– Engineer Product ManagerMedical Device Company (51-100 employees) 

“Jama made creating product requirements simple. When you have a complex product and you need to work collaboratively with the team, you have one place to do it, virtually accessible from anywhere. It starts with a project and then you have a nice and friendly User Interface. – Senior Software Development Manager, Mid-Market (501-1000 employees) 

Reviewers also specified the ways Jama Connect helped them do their job better:  

“Using Jama Connect has provided the ability to perform detailed impact assessments from a single source, expediting the process and reducing the mistakes made between disparate data sources.” – Manager, Medical Device Company, Enterprise (10,001+ employees)

“Jama is fantastic for the collaboration between engineering domains. Requirements can be cascaded down and traced from all abstraction levels” - User in Automotive Mid-Market (201-500 employees)

How G2 Determines Award Winners

G2 ranks products based on two factors: customer satisfaction through user reviews and market presence, with market share, vendor size, and social impact all considered. To achieve the High Performer ranking in the Application Lifecycle Management Tools category, a product scores high in the user review category but doesn’t yet have the market presence of a product in the leader quadrant.

That could change soon for Jama Connect. Each month, 2.5 million visitors trust G2 for buyer guidance and insights. As Jama Software Chief Product Officer Josh Turpin notes, “G2 goes above and beyond to be a trusted online resource for businesses everywhere, so an award like this helps get our name out there.”

To learn about the Winter 2020 awards and read more Jama Connect reviews, visit G2.com.