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Just released: Free script to ensure full test coverage

Connecting your requirements to downstream test plans and test cases is crucial to end-to-end traceability. Jama makes it easy to trace the relationships between your requirements and their stakeholders, test cases and test results to ensure that you have full and automated coverage.

As part of our developer community support we’ve just released a script that utilizes our REST API to relate test cases to their test runs in Jama, and makes these relationships visible in coverage explorer and the resulting data available in reporting.


Coverage Script
Connect test cases to test runs. *Click to enlarge.*

We’ve made this script available on the Jama Software GitHub account. This simple script is a place to help you get started and we hope you’ll do great things with it! You can also join our open support community to ask questions–or offer ideas!–about anything Jama or product development. You can join in the conversation about our REST API specifically here, where’s theres some great, active topics right now. We invite you to comment in the REST API group if you use this script and improve upon it.