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Customer Success Story: Spaceflight Industries

In 1947, a group of scientists working in New Mexico captured the first satellite images of the earth from space. The images were grainy and limited in the amount of the earth they could capture in a frame, but they signaled the beginning of satellite imagery and the potential it held for earth dwellers. Today there are ever-expanding uses for high quality satellite imagery of the earth. It can help governments and NGOs respond to natural disasters and humanitarian crises, farmers can observe large parcels of land to help them determine the optimal harvest schedule, and companies can use images to better understand natural resource abundance and location.
Until recently, satellite images were only readily available to governments with direct access. That’s all changing thanks to companies like Spaceflight Industries and its satellite imagery service BlackSky. “Blacksky is about getting data from space,” says Spaceflight Industries COO Rakesh Narasimhan. “Historically, it has been only governments can do that. But increasingly we are commercializing that ability to get data as well as a software platform to access it from your phone.”
While the availability of satellite services and imagery has increased, the engineering required to make these services available remains exceptionally complex. In addition to Blacksky, Spaceflight offers satellite launch services through a network of providers, a collaborative approach helps to cut down on the high cost of getting satellites into space. Spaceflight uses Jama Software to deliver both of its product offerings and work with customers and vendors throughout the process. With Jama Software’s review center, they can execute secure reviews of requirements and mission-critical details and receive timely feedback. This ensures that they’re delivering what customers want, and keeping timelines on track.
“Spaceflight Industries is in the middle of that transformation where we are making it accessible, cost effective, but most importantly, relevant to an audience that has never had access to data from space before,” says Rakesh, “Jama helps us not just manage our time and shrink the time it takes for us to get data and information about our missions, but it also makes us more productive. And most importantly it saves money in the end.”
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