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Dedicated Technical Account Managers For Mission Critical Product Delivery

As the leader of Jama’s Customer Care department, I work with the team to cultivate relationships with our customers. Each relationship is highly dependent on the customer’s specific needs in a given situation. When our customers file tickets, we need to be the Problem Solver. When they comment on the Community, we need to be the Moderator. Sometimes we are the Trainer, the Messenger and the Writer. In all of these roles we consider ourselves a partner in our customers’ success. However, we’ve always felt there was something missing. In brainstorming with the team, we uncovered a desire to be an Advocate. Advocacy is not something formally included in any of the roles we assume currently. As such, we’ve identified the need for a new, premium support offering which provides strategic technical planning and additional technical guidance from a dedicated Customer Care team member, and today we are excited to announce the new Technical Account Manager (TAM) role.

Technical Account Managers For Product Delivery

Designed to serve enterprises relying on Jama for mission critical product delivery, TAMs provide high-touch technical guidance, technical planning, education, and business management.

As a dedicated partner, TAMs will expedite time-to-value for customers providing the following:

Technical Guidance: Your TAM will deeply understand your current Jama environment, overseeing all of your support tickets and acting as the escalation lead should anything critical arise. The TAM will ensure that the right resources are assigned to your work.

Technical Planning: Your TAM will help you scope and plan for the technical future of Jama in your organization. Through this program you will have access to the latest advancements in our deployment model.

Education: Each year we will conduct an education assessment for your users and design a program to close the gaps with the major themes.

Business Management: Your TAM will partner with your Customer Success Manager to delivery quarterly business reviews that encompass your business strategy and technical landscape.

In addition to having a named TAM, there are a number of other features included in the Premium Support Offering, you can check them all out here. If you have any questions about this offering, let your Jama Customer Success Manager know.