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Community Voices: Srilatha Kolla, Hill-Rom Clinical Workflow Solutions

The Jama Support Community is a forum for Jama Software users to interact and collaborate with other users and with Jama support engineers. It’s full of resources for everyone from novices to masters, including tutorials and webinarshelp guides and FAQsfeature requests and announcements and a robust knowledge base. For today’s post, we spoke with one of our Jama Support Community power users — frequent contributors with great questions and powerful insights into using Jama — about how their organization uses Jama and the value they’ve seen from the Support Community.

Srilatha Kolla works on the DevOps team at at Hill-Rom Cary in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Hill-Rom’s Clinical Workflow Solutions team develops medical devices that protect patients by anticipating the care they will need and communicating that information to their healthcare providers.

The process of developing these Class II and Class III medical devices is heavily regulated by the FDA, and Kolla’s team needed to achieve full traceability in order to satisfy these requirements. Hill-Rom was using IBM Rational DOORS for their requirements and test case management prior to 2012, but it didn’t meet their traceability needs, among other shortcomings.

Kolla, who started her career as a developer at IBM, was on the Quality Engineering team at Hill-Rom when they began looking for a superior solution. Her QE team evaluated several options before choosing Jama Connect™ in 2012.

Since then, Kolla has moved to the DevOps team, where she’s responsible for deploying and managing processes to help development, requirements and quality engineering teams build, test and release products that are safer and more reliable. Her team is closely involved from the requirements stage to coding, testing and verification of the product, and she’s responsible for managing the solutions, including Jama Connect, that her team depends on.

Kolla’s DevOps team serves as the Jama administrator at Hill-Rom, but the development, requirements and quality engineering teams, she says, also “live in Jama Connect day in and day out.” Among the organization-specific best practices her team has developed is a multi-project structure, which works better for them than a single, more complex project structure.

As an FDA-regulated company, Kolla says, Hill-Rom values Jama Connect for its traceable requirements and test case management: “That’s what we depend on highly.” She’s also a fan of the Review Center in Jama Connect. The Review Center enables teams to collaborate without hunkering down in the same room or emailing a Word document back and forth. Stakeholders can also review and sign off on requirements within the Review Center, which comes in handy when you need to reach consensus between team members quickly.

Kolla began using the Jama Support Community to get her questions answered. She wanted to see how other people were using Jama to address the same product development challenges her team was facing. As Kolla says, “We’re definitely not the only ones using this platform.” ­­

Like many Jama customers, Kolla’s team uses Jama Connect in conjunction with Jira, so she turns to the Support Community to ask relevant questions about Jama’s functionality and interconnectivity with Jira, Microsoft Office and other tool suites. Given her team’s focus on traceability, Kolla has often sought Jama-related input from other users on things like item management, defects, Test Center, Trace View, Coverage Explorer, Reuse and Filters.

Stay tuned for more posts on how Jama users are leveraging the Jama Support Community to get the most out of the platform. In the meantime, connect with Sri and other fellow Jama users on the Jama Support Community