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Accelerating Innovation: 5 Key Questions to Ask

The following is an excerpt from our whitepaper: Better, Smarter Faster: Accelerating Innovation Across The Enterprise.

Finding the right product delivery solution isn’t easy—there are a lot of different features to take into account. However, many innovative companies are finding that there are several key elements to look for in order to choose a solution that can power effective products—and empower efficient teams.

When considering a solution for your business, here are five key questions to ask:

Does it enable collaborative, reusable requirements management?

When you have a robust solution for requirements management and end- to-end product delivery, it’s possible to build highly complex products faster. The ability to reuse requirements can also help you reduce risk and control costs.

Can the solution provide comprehensive testing features?

In order to ensure test coverage and improve quality, it’s important to be able to link test cases to requirements, run test plans and
log related defects—while maintaining real- time visibility into overall product quality.

Will the solution support the diverse needs of multiple industries?

Every industry has its own set of challenges. This is true whether it’s a question of regulatory compliance and security for financial services, government or health care, or the need to handle massively complex products, as is the case for aerospace, software or telecommunications. The right solution must be flexible as well as customizable enough to meet the needs of every type of organization.

Does the solution easily connect the right people with right data?

It takes integrated, structured collaboration to give everyone the kind of comprehensive insights they need—in real time—so they can understand what their teams are building and why.

Are robust two-way integrations fundamental to the solution?

Bi-directional data sharing is powerful enabler to faster delivery and increased innovation, especially when you can connect to commonly used solutions such as JIRA, Rally and HP Quality Center.

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