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Part I: [Answered] How to Accelerate Your Automotive SPICE (ASPICE) Capability

In Part I of our six-part automotive series, our experts discuss how to accelerate automotive SPICE (ASPICE) capability with Jama Connect for Automotive.

Modern automobiles are complex systems of systems that must be reliable and safe. One way to increase reliability and safety is for automotive OEMs and suppliers to follow established development processes. Following established processes is generally expected of companies developing automotive products.

Note: Now that our automotive development blog series has concluded, you can go back and read series intro and Part II.

Automotive SPICE (ASPICE)

One major component of many automotive systems is software, and the high-level development processes for software development are documented clearly in automotive SPICE. ASPICE is both a process assessment model and a process reference model. It documents the processes that software teams should follow when developing automotive software and it provides a way of measuring how mature an organization’s processes are.

A major component of ASPICE is a robust series of processes for requirements management and traceability. The processes require that organizations develop system requirements, decompose them into software requirements, document a software architecture and detailed design for each software unit. The software must then be fully verified against all requirements and specifications. The processes require that traceability between the requirements, specifications, and verification activities be maintained and all documentation carefully reviewed.

Jama Connect for Automotive

A requirements management tool like Jama Connect® for Automotive reduces the manual effort required in adhering to Automotive SPICE processes. Jama Connect for Automotive’s traceability features are ideally suited to maintaining and analyzing the required traceability. And the review features are the ideal way to ensure documentation is fully reviewed and approved by a cross-functional team. The export features of Jama Connect for Automotive generate well-formatted documents for many of the work products required by ASPICE.

The flow diagram below summarizes the Automotive SPICE processes that can be managed in Jama Connect for Automotive. The boxes with an orange border represent the recommended work products to be captured in Jama Connect for Automotive. The boxes with a gray border represent the work products that benefit from being captured in Jama Connect for Automotive, but some organizations might choose to capture elsewhere.

High-Level Automotive SPICE Process in Jama Connect for Automotive

Jama Connect for Automotive includes a fully functional framework that software teams can use to start getting value from Jama Connect for Automotive immediately. The solution also includes complete documentation for how to complete each process most efficiently in Jama Connect for Automotive. Industry-specific Professional Services are also included to guide customers through the inevitable customizations needed by each organization. A complete list of the processes for working in Jama Connect for Automotive that align with ASPICE are listed in the table below.

To learn more about how Jama Connect for Automotive can help your team simplify compliance, streamline development, and speed time to market, download our solution overview.