The Product Delivery Problem

Product managers have to balance the needs of many stakeholders to define a set of requirements for what’s being built, why and how. They have to prioritize and re-prioritize shifting “must-have” mandates from multiple voices—everyone from front-end users to engineering. For example, you have to weigh the developers’ concerns about shaky, but still-used legacy code against marketing pressures to be first to market with innovation.

Not to mention the issues as you lead to launch: design, engineering, hardware, software, testing, plus compliance with regulations, policies, rules of law and industry standards … too often, these processes occur independently, adding unnecessary complexity and conflicts.

Sound familiar? We empathize with your struggles: Writing, editing, and tracking documents to define or test product features, programs and services. Maintaining the connection between intended outcomes, development methodologies and customer value. Getting approvals and consensus from both business and development, and requiring traceability between the two. Setting the scope of work, holding contributors accountable, organizing meetings, tracking millions of pieces of IP and product iterations. Managing the input and output of opinionated stakeholders while tracking changes and keeping teams communicating across siloes to collaborate on building the right product, on time and on budget.

Entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators take the risks and get the glory, but the muscles behind the magic come from people like you. Whatever you’re building and however you’re building it, your work is the foundation of every successful launch.

What if you and everyone on your team could manage work, minimize errors, obstacles and disorganization, and speed up product time to market using one singular, intuitive system designed specifically for you?