Create a Strong Strategy for End-to-End IoT Products


About this Webinar

Blown budget. Wasted resources. Missed opportunities.

Not following a cohesive strategy when building IoT products is costly.

Watch TechProductManagement Founder and Stanford Continuing Studies Instructor Daniel Elizalde and Jama Software as we tackle the biggest strategic pitfalls facing IoT companies today.

Learn how to:

  1. Ensure you’re addressing a real customer pain, and get ideas on how to go the extra mile in solving customers’ problems
  2. Focus on your company’s core strengths and make smart build vs. buy decisions across the IoT technology stack
  3. Make consistent business and technology decisions across the end-to-end product

Daniel Elizalde



Daniel Elizalde is a seasoned technology product leader, with 17 years of experience developing connected products for startups and global companies alike.  He is the founder of TechProductManagement, where he trains Product Managers to become highly successful at managing IoT products. He is the author of the leading blog on IoT product management, and the creator of the IoT Decision Framework. Daniel also teaches the popular course “Product Management for the Internet of Things” at Stanford Continuing Studies. Follow Daniel on Twitter at @delizalde or at

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