Best Practices

Update: How We’re Helping Engineering Teams Adjust to Remote Work

We hope everybody’s staying safe and healthy during this challenging time. All of us at Jama Software work from home now, as you probably do, too. We’re receiving requests for best practices for remote work from customers, or those who’ve heard we offer solutions for distributed engineering teams. We want you to know we’re listening.

 For our customers: 

  • Our continued support. As our CEO Marc Osofsky said in his email March 18th, we’ll continue to provide you the support and responsiveness you expect. Please check your inboxes for the complete email.
  • A webinar to help you. We also hosted a customer webinar with tips and advice for getting the most from Jama Connect capabilities while you work remotely. You can watch a recording of “Ask Jama: Best Practices for Remote Collaboration with Jama Connect” anytime.
  • Reach out to your Account Manager for an assessment with one of our consultants to address your specific needs as you seek to increase adoption and virtual team productivity.

Not a customer, but need help in the new remote work reality?


Get to know us. Companies rely on Jama Software to align remote engineering teams and keep everybody on the same page. We provide structured collaboration solutions those teams can use to work together in real-time and maintain visibility throughout the development process. Learn more about us here.

Try a webinar about remote work for engineering teams. Watch our on-demand webinar “How to Realign Engineering Teams for Remote Work with Minimal Disruption,” hosted by Principal Solutions Architect Aaron Perillat. You can watch it here.

We’ll post more helpful information about how to work with remote teams, and share more insights from our experts here soon.