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Watch It Now: Realign Engineering Teams for Remote Work with Minimal Disruption

We’ve posted the recording from our 
popular webinar How to Realign Engineering Teams for Remote Work with Minimal Disruption, hosted by Jama Software’s VP of Customer Success Clay Moore and Principal Solutions Architect Aaron Perillat.

Hear stories about how the shift to remote work impacts product development priorities and learn what best practices work effectivelyBy the end of the 50minute webinar, you’ll see a path forward. You can support collaboration and innovation throughout your product development processwithout jeopardizing quality, efficiency, or timelines.

 how collaborative requirements tools in the Jama Connect platform help teams work remotely.


Jama Software has 10+ years’ experience helping distributed engineering teams stay aligned throughout the product development process. Clay and Aaron apply that experience as they guide you through your new remote work reality.  During the webinar, Aaron logs in to our requirements management platform Jama Connect and demonstrate how its capabilities help you: 

  • Conduct entirely remote reviews. 
  • Drive collaboration across distributed teams. 
  • Manage change remotely. 

You’ll see how Jama Connect can help you on a day-to-day basisThe demonstration also touches on how integration with your systems can facilitate change management overallhelpful benefit even after we all return to a regular work mode. 

Watch the webinar How to Realign Engineering Teams for Remote Work with Minimal Disruption.