Product Development

Transition from IBM DOORS to Jama in Three Easy Steps

At Jama, we work with the world’s most innovative companies and government agencies to manage the entire lifecycle of product delivery. They think differently, challenge the status quo, and are constantly looking for new ways to improve product delivery to gain that competitive edge. Unfortunately many find it really challenging to work with a legacy tool that no longer meets their needs. What is the risk to the business? What is the cost to move all the old data to a new solution?

We have built a world-class solution to help you move active data from IBM DOORS to Jama, a lower cost, cutting-edge product delivery platform. Jama’s import capabilities for IBM DOORS include the ability to bring along the requirements, test cases and other information you care about.

Don’t work the old way. Now is the time to move off IBM DOORS. We can help. Bring what you need into Jama, when you need it. The Jama DOORS migration solution will maintain all relationships, so you can easily configure or change any elements.

How does it works

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