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There’s no escaping that the more exciting and fast-paced the product you’re developing is, the more challenging it is for decision makers to access the information they need to move quickly. In this complex workspace no one person, single team, or discipline can make all decisions alone. Modern product development requires working with product data a bit differently – everything from high level requirements to test cases need to be handled more iteratively, collaboratively, and even across multiple development tools. While this trend is still evolving, managing networked product data doesn’t need to be a burden.

In fact, Jama data is most powerful when it’s connected. Jama houses all the essential context needed to drive an organization, including the core requirements defining the “what” and “why” of what you’re building. However, that data becomes more powerful and actionable when it’s part of an end-to-end picture of your product delivery process. That means anchoring your requirements upstream to your market analysis, team goals and company objectives as well as downstream to all development tasks, tests, and statuses from outside tools such as Jira, Rally, VersionOne, TFS, and HPQC. Here’s one example of how that might look in a Jama relationship diagram:


Integrations make the whole network of product data available in Jama, and traceability makes sure that data is meaningfully mapped to reflect how teams think and work. Together, when changes inevitably need to be made, it’s possible to see who is impacted and move swiftly with context powering your decisions.

The NEW Tasktop Integration Hub makes these integrations simpler, particularly at scale. While this data connectivity is hugely valuable, setting up an integration is a deliberate and sometimes tedious exercise. If you have ever set up an integration, you likely have experienced the complex, interrelated, non-obvious choices required to map distinct systems together. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Jama users now can take advantage of a new integration hub that takes this challenge head on. The Tasktop Integration Hub (TIH) is built to perform at enterprise scale, and designed to make integration setup intuitive, easily repeatable, and manageable over time as your teams’ data volume and complexity grows.



While the increasing complexity of product delivery is daunting, the tools at a product developer’s disposal, like Jama, are becoming more sophisticated, too. Jama is holding true to our mission to simplify complex product development. We are continuing to evolve how we collect, connect, and share the information decision makers need across their tool ecosystem. More capabilities to come!



To learn more about the TIH, and how successful teams are keeping their data connected:

  • If you’re new to Jama and integrations, contact our sales team to learn more.
  • If you’re an existing Jama and integrations user, please contact your customer success manager to learn more about taking advantage of the new TIH.