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2022 Engineering Predictions: Overcoming Three Key Industry Challenges

In many ways 2021 was a continuation of the changes brought about in 2020, a year that’s been described as “unprecedented” and “unparalleled.” In a unique way, 2021 has offered us an idea of evolving innovations and technology on the horizon for teams across industries. These changing conditions will present a variety of new landscapes and will offer unique challenges, opportunities, and more than likely, many surprises.  

As we enter a new year of further changes, Jama Software asked select thought leaders – both internal and external – across various industries for the trends and events they foresee unfolding over the next year and beyond. 

In the first part of our five-part series, we ask Josh Turpen, Chief Product Officer at Jama Software, to weigh in on product and systems development trends he’s anticipating for engineering teams in 2022.  

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Engineering Predictions

Design Trends

Q: What product, systems, and software development trends are you expecting to take shape in 2022?

Josh Turpen: Complexity will continue to increase and supply chain challenges will be a multiplier. The “chip shortage” is a great example. There aren’t too few chips, there are too few of the chips that OEMs are used to. Adaptable OEMs, with advanced product management and traceability, have been able to overcome this challenge. 

Q: In terms of product and systems development, what do you think will remain the same over the next decade? What will change?

Josh Turpen:  Software will continue to outpace hardware development, but hardware will close the gap. Connected tooling, simulation, and a transition to collaborative, JIT processes will enable hardware engineers to ditch the “one big meeting” for a more natural, asynchronous communication flow. 

Q: How do you foresee regulations shifting in product and systems development for engineering teams over the next decade?

Josh Turpen:  I still think my previous prediction (2021 Predictions) is accurate. Regulations are coming for software in a big way. This is the tip of the iceberg.  

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Biggest Challenges

Q: Any major disruptions to product and systems development for engineering teams industry you’re anticipating in 2022?

Josh Turpen: I don’t think it’s a new disruption, but talent acquisition and management will continue to be a major theme for any head of engineering. Those not embracing a distributed workforce are in for serious pain. 

Q: What sorts of process adjustments do you think development teams will need to make to be successful in 2022?

Josh Turpen:  Asynchronous collaboration is critical in a distributed team. If your process and tools cannot keep contextual information and give users what they need when they need it, your team is wasting valuable time and increasing the likelihood of a bad outcome. 



Q: What do you think will be some of the differentiators between a company surviving to see 2030, and those that do not?

Josh Turpen: Companies that embrace a best-of-breed approach to tools, collaboration, and the process will dominate those that don’t.  

Q: Where do you see Jama Software fitting in as the product development landscape evolves, and what can our customers expect as 2022 approaches?

Josh Turpen: Our focus on Live Traceability™ will enable teams to leverage the best tools while maintaining context and enabling collaboration. We get up every morning focused on enabling our customers’ innovation and product success.  

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