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Jama Software Becomes a Certified Green Business


Jama Software was recently awarded a certification as a Green Business through the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program. This program recognizes businesses for their efforts to be better environmental citizens.

3 Jama roof

Jama Software Green Rooftop Garden

“As I worked through the certification application, it felt great to be able to check off so many actions that Jama already does on a daily basis,” said Anthony Szabo, Jama Software’s Office Manager, who was responsible for the company’s application process. “Of course we recycle and compost and provide real dishes and silverware. That’s just part of who we are as a company. We were able to check off some of the bigger ticket items, such as LED lighting and a well-insulated and weather-sealed building, thanks to being in a newly renovated building and working with a property management company that is also committed to sustainable business.”

2 Jama

Jama Software office with plenty of natural light

We are excited to have tackled some large action items and to have earned this accolade as a certified green business. We look forward to continue to improve our workplace. We know our footprint is much bigger than just the office space, and we intend to extend our commitment to sustainability to the community via our engaged employees who share this value.

4 Jama Lama

Jama Software employees hugging Jama the Llama (aka Rojo), a friendly visitor