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Free Online Tutorials

Since launching our Learning Management System and our community, we’ve learned a lot about how to help our customers get the skills they need to be successful with Jama Software. Over the past couple of years we fielded complaints about the usability as well as feedback for desired features in each system. When we thought about the qualities we wanted in these tools, it boiled down to three:

  • easy to use
  • easy to search
  • and easy to collaborate with

Most importantly with the LMS, we wanted to make the content available free for our customers. This year, as our contracts expired with our service providers, we had the opportunity to make some changes to improve our customers’ experience.

We made the decision to move our learning videos to YouTube. When we considered what else makes learning easier, we thought about learning styles and how some people like to read, some like to watch, and some like to discuss. It became clear that we could provide the best experience by merging our education content with the Community, that way relevant articles could be linked to videos and moderated discussions could readily occur.

We’re excited to kick this effort off with about thirty videos on our YouTube channel. Right now you can access those via our new community. This is just the first step towards an integrated experience; soon we will have pertinent how-to and best practices articles linked from each embedded video, providing much-needed context. Based on your feedback we plan to expand that to role-based learning. It is our goal for the community to become your first (and last) stop for learning everything Jama.