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At Jama, we enjoy opening our doors to different groups and organizations. We feel it’s important to give back to our community, encourage networking with peers and supporting local organizations within technology.  Most recently, we hosted the Computer Science Class from St. Mary’s Academy.  St. Mary’s Academy is a private girls school in downtown Portland focused on educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders in our community and the world.

St Marys 1

Mike Bedney, Jr. is on the faculty at the school and championed a tour of local Software Companies in downtown Portland for his Computer Science students. The intent of the tour was to showcase women in technology positions within software, their roles within our company, what they enjoy most about working in technology and provide guidance for the students that may help them in their pursuit of a technical career path.

St Marys 2

The students were able to meet 5 of our staff from all across our organization. One of our Graphic Designers, Customer Support Community Manager, Solution Architect, Quality Assurance Engineer and Talent Partner. They all have a unique story to tell about their journey into technology and excellent advice for those interested in pursing a career in this field.  Opportunities are abundant in hi tech and continue to grow exponentially as new technology continues to be developed.  We need to encourage and educate the younger generations of the diverse technical opportunities that are waiting for them.St marys Thank You