Best Practices

Meet Jama Connect

With recent updates, Jama Connect has never been more powerful for understanding your full product development lifecycle and proving you built the product you set out to build. Here are some highlights of its features and updates to help you hit your product launch target.

Validation, Verification and Test Management

Product quality matters, and Jama Connect lets you maintain traceability and confirm that each requirement, system and component spec has been tested. Now, Jama Connect has been radically improved to enhance how verification and validation data is handled within the application. By simplifying the visibility of how test results are connected to your requirements, you get better context and capability.

Review Center

Cancel lengthy approval meetings, as Review Center allows your teams to make better, faster decisions on approvals. New upgrades allow test plans to be sent to Review Center, making it easier to collaborate and negotiate approvals. Afterward, the results are sent to Test Center to review for feedback and sign-off. Review Center also now enables you to quickly identify what’s changed since you last viewed the content, and highlight and respond to targeted comments immediately.


With Jama Connect as your single source of truth for definition, verification and validation, you can benchmark and monitor team performance over time. You can also get insight into current progress to goal to drive execution. Plus, Jama Connect illuminates risk, and eases the path towards product compliance.​

Requirements Management

Jama Connect still lets you write requirements and create cross-team review groups for a more streamlined approval process. Teams also have the ability to prioritize requirements validation, problem statements, engineering responses, negotiation and more. With updates to how requirements are presented within Jama Connect, we’ve made it easier than ever to view and share content more easily.

Risk Management

Analyzing risk is an integral part of developing safety-critical products. With Jama Connect, risk and hazard analysis are directly integrated within your development process to give better clarity to associated requirements and mitigations.

Real-Time Collaboration

One of the key features of Jama Connect has been its ability to simplify communication around complex systems and processes, and we’ll continue to build on that. By allowing teams to get the answers and data they need to be more productive, milestone phases are tightened, risks are identified and opportunities to innovate are uncovered faster than ever.

End-to-End Traceability

Eliminate blind spots within your development process. Follow the connections between requirements, specifications and tests, including decision tracking, ensuring all teams understand the impact of product changes.

Built for Ecosystems

Not every development team uses the exact same solutions to build great products. Jama Connect allows teams the flexibility to use a variety of tools through our expanding group of reliable partners.

See if Jama Connect would be the right choice for your organization by checking out our eBook, “Selecting the Right Product Development Platform.”