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Looking for Jama Contour?

Looking for Jama Contour? It’s still here as the solution for collaborative requirements management software, we just dropped the “Contour”. We’re excited to begin the next chapter of our story: Redefining Product Delivery. As part of launching our new Spring 2013 Release today we’re referring to our solutions the way our customers already do, simply as Jama.

Product Delivery involves the entire company. It doesn’t start with Product Managers defining requirements and end with Engineering and QA teams delivering a finished product. Successful product delivery requires connecting the right people in a company to take strategies and concepts all the way to market and ultimately translate them into business value.

The Jama Product Delivery Platform builds on Contour’s proven requirements and test management success. It extends the current collaboration capabilities amongst the team, allowing them to capture ad-hoc conversations and decisions within the context of their projects and items. Most importantly, it provides product teams the ability to engage stakeholders outside the team into the right discussions to make timely decisions that will be part of the project’s system of record.

As we continue to enhance our platform to better connect product teams with the rest of the business we’ll begin referring to ourselves as simply as we would like you to…

Jama: Redefining Product Delivery.