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Infographic: Jama Connect™ for Medical Device Development 

jama connect for medical device development

Infographic: Jama Connect™ for Medical Device Development

We’re excited to share our latest infographic for the Jama Connect for Medical Device Development solution which explains how Jama Connect can help accelerate innovation, maintain product quality, and manage the ever-changing complex regulations in medical device development. This is a single powerful platform for medical device teams to manage design controls for device requirements and related risks, simplifying regulatory submissions, and audit preparations while accelerating time to market.

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Bringing a medical device to market requires navigating a sea of complex and ever-changing regulations, not to mention bearing significant costs along the way. A device recall can cost $600 million, while the indirect costs of lost revenue and diminished market cap are even higher at $1-3 billion per company. Those costs are especially significant considering the price tag of product development—$75 million in FDA compliance alone, and an average timeline of three to seven years.

Jama Connect customers have been able to reduce planning time as much as 80%, thanks to consolidated feedback replacing emails and a document-based approach to project management.

Better quality products get out the door faster. By understanding the impact of change, capturing decisions and feedback in real-time and reusing existing IP, Jama Connect reduces medical device development time by an average of 130 days per project.

Jama Software reduces rework, which accounts for approximately 30-50% of a given project and arises from issues such as requirements errors. Improving the ability to track requirements from design through verification and validation ensures teams build the right medical devices with the lowest possible lifecycle costs.

In this infographic, we share how, with the right requirements management solution, you can accelerate the development of cost-effective products that also comply with both safety and quality standards.
You’ll learn: 
  • How to overcome the biggest challenges in medical device development 
  • The ways Jama Connect for Medical Device Development can help 
  • Keys to unlocking a better customer experience