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Get Started with Jama – New free training for Jama customers

As the new training manager at Jama I’ve been working with our team in 2014 to bring you new educational options, and I’m happy to announce that our first set is now available for free to existing customers.

It’s my pleasure to introduce the tutorial set: Get Started with Jama. These short videos will have you up and running in Jama in less than an hour.  All of the videos are under five minutes long, and many run half that.  You can access the videos via the welcome screen in Jama.

click here

If you’ve been a customer for a while, you may have turned the welcome screen off, so here’s how you turn it on again.  First, click on your name in top right-hand corner.


Then select this box to access the welcome screen again.

check box

Log out and back in, and you’ll have the screen.  Click Learn Jama Basics, and you’re there.

get started

Do you have new employees?  Show them this post and get them started quickly in the tool.  Need a refresher on functionality you haven’t used in a while?  Watch what you need.  Please, feel free to share this with anyone who’s using Jama. We want you to be able to pick up and use our tool as easily as possible.

We’d love to hear what you think of these videos!  Feel free to leave a comment below, or if you’d prefer to reach out to us directly, email us at education@jamasoftware.com.  Keep an eye out for more Jama training announcements soon.