Requirements Management

Evaluating Requirements Management Tools

Requirements Management ToolsWith a top requirements management tool, your teams can better navigate complex product development cycles while adapting to evolving business demands and regulatory environments. Instead of legacy requirements management solutions or document-based processes, harness the power of Jama Connect to centralize your requirements in one solution and reduce risks and inefficiencies at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

Centralize Your Requirements 

Jama Connect is a modern requirements management tool, built for handling today’s demanding workflows and navigating all the complexity that comes with them.  

Jama Connect provides: 

Ease of Use  

Benefit from an intuitive browser-based interface that creates and exceptional user experience because fast team adoption and ease of collaboration between users means faster time-to-market.  

Single Source of Truth 

Increase cross-team visibility, and structure real-time collaboration, formal reviews and sign-off to build consensus and support informed decision-making across the entire product lifecycle. 

Live, Actionable Traceability 

Experience an end-to-end live view of connected people, data, and processes within your organization, to reduce risk and achieve an easier path to compliance than possible with a manual process. 

Reuse Functionality 

Reuse existing content, templates, and relationships so you can manage complex product lifecycles through multiple versions and iterations, in turn dramatically reducing your typical design cycle time. 

Open Architecture 

Utilize our best-in-class solution with an ecosystem of industry-leading integrations with preferred tools such as Jira, along with a REST API for making your own custom integrations. 

Culture of Customer Success 

See time-to-value with our adoption-oriented services team and comprehensive customer care which includes online tutorials, the Jama community, and exceptional tech support to ensure your success. 

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Modernize Your Development Process 

Document-based workflows and legacy requirements management tools sharply increase risk across the product development process. They create time-consuming extra work, put pressure on budgets, and result in poor overall requirements management, which dooms many projects. 

Jama Connect is designed to deliver a more streamlined experience that will help you seize opportunities and eliminate all of these sources of friction. 

Reduce Rework by Understanding and Responding to Change 

With full traceability in Jama Connect, teams can accurately monitor their progress and connect individual requirements to key stakeholders. This allows for superior communication about the implications of all changes, along with improved capacity to respond to them. Teams gain access to the most up-to-date information reducing the amount of costly rework and late-stage changes. 

Gain Visibility and Enable More Productive Collaboration 

Jama Connect’s detailed dashboards and multiple integrations across the ALM-PLM landscape make it easier to keep track of what’s being built and why. For example, you can combine Jama Connect’s requirements management capabilities with Jira’s task management features to increase visibility and alignment throughout the development process, resulting in more effective collaboration. 

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Improve Efficiency and Optimize Product Development Processes 

Best-of-breed requirements management tools replace the siloed activities and data sources of document-based processes. From one interface, it’s possible to manage all requirements tests and create the traceability that supports more efficient product development. And Jama Connect’s many integrations deliver more flexibility than legacy requirements management platforms, which weren’t built for integrated systems or modern methodologies. 

Gain Visibility and Collaborate Better 

Jama Connect helps you accelerate product development. It’s a requirements management tool that not only reduces manual rework and integrates with a wide variety of solutions, but also provides a single source of truth and a common point of control.  

Requirements can be created, reviewed, validated, and verified on the same platform, thanks to features that let your team: 

  • Gain clear insights across the definition, design, build, and test phases. 
  • See relationships and dependencies between systems, teams, actions, and results. 
  • Conduct real-time virtual reviews of comments, revisions, and approvals. 
  • Work within multiple methodologies, including lean and Agile software development. 
  • Use templates and configurations to comply with industry best practices and regulations. 
  • Visualize how each test traces back to a requirement, for better compliance and quality. 
  • Reuse requirements so that important features can be replicated across products. 
Simplify Change Management 

A seemingly minor project change can have major ripple effects across your development process. What is the potential impact of making even bigger changes to a project? Jama Connect gives you the answers you need to these questions and others that arise during the product lifecycle. 

Live Traceability 

With Jama Connect as your requirements management tool, you can navigate upstream and downstream relationships, quickly identify gaps in test coverage, and filter and export views specific to your products. People and items impacted by any change are also automatically highlighted for easier review. 

Real-Time Collaboration 

Prioritize your most important decisions, flag risks and opportunities, and shorten development cycles with Jama Connect’s collaboration capabilities. Stakeholders can be easily identified and pulled in as needed, gain visibility into all connected users on each project, as well as stream discussions and notifications. 

Accelerated Decision Tracking and Reviews 

With Jama Connect, stakeholders (on-site or distributed) can conduct comprehensive virtual reviews, share requirements and feedback, approve or reject items, identify priorities, and even add electronic signatures to projects. It’s the ideal tool to help accelerate tests and requirements and keep your development process on target. 

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Development Tech Stack 

Jama Connects lets you get even more value from your existing testing and quality assurance setup. Many integrations between Jama Connect and other ALM-PLM solutions are available, so that your team can continue to use its preferred tools while ensuring complete traceability. A REST API is also available for crafting custom integrations with Jama Connect. 

Get Started With Jama Connect 

Ready to learn more about how Jama Connect delivers an all-in-one requirements management solution to transform your processes and see more effective cross-team collaboration, reduced rework, simplified compliance, and faster time to market? 

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