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Ask Jama Live Recap: Seattle

Our Ask Jama Live series kicked off last week in Seattle, and a great community of local customers came out to meet each other and Jama Software product leaders over breakfast at the Hotel Theodore. On the agenda: a presentation of best practices and the Jama Connect™ product roadmap, with engaging discussions in between.

Customers speak up.

Customers bring their own experiences with Jama Connect to an Ask Jama Live event, so we expect each one to vary. In Seattle, a customer explained his unique business problem to the group: he knew Jama Connect could be solving more problems for his company, but he couldn’t convince others to see the product as anything more thaa Requirements Management tool. 

With our Chief Product Officer Josh Turpen right there to offer guidance and a room full of other Jama customers to weigh inthe discussion turned into a lively brainstorming session about the range of possibilities the platform offers, and ways to advocate for its expanded use to others across a company.

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It was an exciting morning, and an Ask The Expert session at the end ensured everyone got answers they needed to their own questions about Jama Connect.  

 If you’re a Jama Connect customer, don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights and expertise you need from a trusted, enthusiastic community. Find an event near you and RSVP now. Here’s a list of upcoming stops on the road trip:

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