Best Practices

Achieve Traceability and Interoperability Across Engineering Teams

Ever wanted to walk out of a meeting that was unproductive or inefficient?  

Typically, the primary purpose of a meeting is to gather employees together to communicate, collaborate and make decisions. Unfortunately, many of today’s meetings are, well, a waste of time.  

And the harm of unproductive meetings extends way beyond inconvenience — they cost money and take a toll on productivity, both of which can contribute to significant time to market delays.  

If everyone came to a meeting aligned and equipped with the same materials and expectations, meetings would run smoother and generally be a lot more productive.  

By connecting information across your teams, you could eliminate unproductive meetings aimed at trying to get everyone up to speed and spend more time focusing on getting your product out to market quickly.  

At Jama, our world-class REST API enables integrations with other product development tools. You can share project details between other solutions you already use.  

Now integrating our REST API with our partners requires less time and cost with the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC), an initiative designed to standardize sharing data.  

Jama now has an OSLC wrapper for our REST API built by Koneksys, a company helping organizations create OSLC integration solutions which lets users “link” REST APIs.  

The OSLC Jama Adapter is available through OSLC’s Git Hub Repository. When using Jama Connect, it helps you achieve traceability and effective interoperability within your team, and even across teams and companies.  

The OSLC Jama Adapter supports easily exchanging requirements in Jama Connect with other applications supported by OSLC, such as MagicDraw by No Magic, by “linking” Jama’s REST API with other REST APIs.   

To learn more, check out the OSLC Jama Adapter code here, watch our webinar, OSLC & The Future of Interoperability,” or just get in touch.