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5 Product Management Perspectives to Follow

As product development and delivery has become increasingly complex, the role of product manager has become increasingly critical to product success. No one has to make or push through more decisions than product managers. With this heightened importance and visibility product management as a discipline comes a growing online community. Here are five product management sources to check out in order to stay up to speed on the biggest challenges and trend in product management.

Matt Khoury on Medium

Matt Khoury works in product for Thomson Reuters and publishes his perspective on product management via Medium. Matt has a knack for identifying what is great and challenging about being a product manager. His reads are engaging and bring some levity to the topics related to bringing products to market. He also actively curates content for the product management community on Twitter.

Matt Anderson on Twitter

Follow Matt on Twitter at @MattAndersonUT. Matt is highly active in the product management community on Twitter. He curates great content about product management and shares interesting product news, and tips. Matt is also great at identifying new product management accounts to follow.

Rich Miranov’s Blog

Rich Miranov is a writer, speaker and consultant of Agile product management.  He regularly publishes his perspective on his blog where he examines current market trends and applies his expertise gained while working with startups as well as some of the largest technology companies. He can also be found on Twitter.

Ellen Chisa’s Blog

Ellen is a product manager and MBA candidate at Harvard Business School. She previously developed products for Kickstarter, and Microsoft. Ellen’s archives are rich with analysis of what it takes to be an effective PM and takeaways from her experience in various organizations as well as at HBS. You can also follow her on Twitter @ellenchisa.

Cindy F. Solomon’s Global Product Management Talk Podcast

The host and producer of the Global Product Management Talk podcast has conversations with some of the most interesting product people from Silicon Valley and beyond.  The Global Product Management Talk podcast features fresh discussions around all things product management, from process, knowledge and forwarding product excellence. You can follow the conversation with #prodmgmttalk and follow Cindy on Twitter.
Know of some other great product management thought leaders? Share them in the comments below.