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The State of Modern Product Delivery 2014

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Pinching Pennies on Requirements Management is Too Costly
Pinching Pennies on Requirements Management is Too Costly >

Only 28% of embedded software teams use a formal RM tool. Learn from VDC Research what not having one is costing you.

Forrester Product
Delivery Trends >

Product delivery has become critical to success. Read the new “State of Modern Product Delivery” study by Forrester on the top challenges senior executives are facing. Published November 2013.

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Learn about Product Delivery

Product Delivery

Translate strategic business goals into products that deliver customer value by involving the right people across every business unit.
Learn about Product Delivery >

Requirements Management

Requirements Management

Requirements are the foundation of Product Delivery. A collaborative requirements management solution provides context into what you are building and why.
Learn about Requirements Management >

Requirements Management

Test Management

Confirm your teams deliver on quality. Integrating test with requirements management protects your products from risk.
Learn about Test Management >

Requirements Management

Requirements Reuse

When your team reuses requirements or other assets, they can respond to change faster, catch errors earlier and meet milestones.
Learn about Requirements Reuse >

Requirements Management

Agile Development

Agile requirements management asks your teams to embrace an iterative mindset across the business. It’s not just about your tools.
Learn about Agile >

Requirements Management


Traceability ensures your teams are in sync with what they’re delivering and its value to customers, from concept to launch.
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Requirements Management


The right discussions involving the right people drive the right decisions. Enterprise social boosts the product delivery process.
Learn about Collaboration >