System Engineering: Top Design Tips to Increase Profit Margins & Speed Development

John Simpson | November 12, 2009

The Aberdeen Group today released an independent research study conducted by Michelle Boucher, product innovation and engineering analyst, that examined the best practices of companies building smart products.   The 27-page report summarizes the results of a detailed survey conducted with over 150 organizations early this year. The report, co-sponsored by Jama Software and IBM, reveals the leading strategies for system design that lead to greater profitability while reducing the risk of excess cost.


“Requirements should be linked to higher level system functions as well as to the overall customer need it meets.”

The paper is title, “System Engineering: Top 4 Design Tips to Increase Profit Margins for Mechatronics and Smart Products“, but has broader impact and value to any company building products with complex requirements that can change during the development process.  The research finds that what is making the difference for successful companies is how they:

  • Capture what their customers want
  • Manage those requirements effectively throughout the product lifecycle
  • Take advantage of system engineering best practices

The key findings of the report demonstrate the financial gains and overall value that requirements management and system engineering best practices deliver to enterprise organizations.  Best-in-Class companies:

  • Earn 2x higher profit margins
  • Achieve 6x faster development cycles
  • Meet product launch deadlines 20% more often

Request a complimentary copy of the complete report from Aberdeen’s web site.  To put these industry best practices into action, explore Jama Contour.