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Complex Products Call for Multiple Processes

Historically, product development projects followed a linear path that started with the entire project conceived and carefully planned before work began. The advent of the Agile methodology changed development by placing a greater focus on iterating. However, this doesn’t work for every project, and teams need to use the methodology that has the most benefits for what they’re building.

Developing complex products demands the convergence of hardware and software teams. This is multimodal development, and it requires a flexible solution so your teams can excel individually and come together to execute successfully.

Empower each team to pick the development methodology that benefits the job at hand, and use a platform with the flexibility to bring them together.

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The Challenge

A Tale of Two Methodologies

Fundamentally, Waterfall and Agile are polar opposite development methodologies. However, each has its place in complex product development.

The problem is that with different teams using different methodologies, it’s hard to have a line of sight into when and how projects sync.

Hardware teams prefer using Waterfall or the V-model methodology.

In these traditional methodologies, all requirements are written ahead of time — usually months before project work begins — and teams meet key milestones in development before moving to future phases. Having everything planned before work begins has advantages like the ability to test against the original version.

Software teams use Agile development methodologies.

These approaches propose that software development should be a flexible process in which teams tackle short chunks of work iteratively. This helps eliminate scope creep, ensures requirements are thought out correctly and allows for quick delivery of a minimum viable product. Teams are able to adjust and update based on customer feedback with this process.

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The Solution

A Flexible Platform Unites Hardware and Software Teams

A configurable solution, like the one Jama offers, helps all teams — regardless of development methodology — stay true to the original vision and requirements of the product. If your hardware and software teams could use the methodologies they prefer, you’ll see greater efficiencies, less rework and faster time to market.

Furthermore, frustration levels across teams and leadership diminish because, while each team views their workflow individually, everyone has clear visibility into how different aspects of a project will come together in time for launch.

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Our Platform

A Development Solution That Transforms the Way You Work

Benefits of Jama’s solution for multimodal product development:

  • Supports and promotes the multiple development methodologies that work best for each of your programs
  • Provides a single source of truth for clear visibility throughout the development process
  • Allows users to iterate in real time for informed decision making and consensus
  • Integrates bidirectionally with best-in-breed tools for a unified development ecosystem
  • Visualizes how requirements track to tests to prove quality and compliance