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Capture and work with real-time decisions and feedback, keep key stakeholders informed when change occurs and make sure everyone gets the content they need—right when they need it.

Unleash Performance

With Jama Connect as your single source of truth for definition, verification and validation, you can benchmark and monitor team performance over time to understand the benefits of retooling your product development process. You can strengthen collaboration around critical information and tradeoffs. And you can efficiently reuse IP across products.

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“[Jama Connect] has allowed us to get more people from our other offices involved in the collaboration process because we’re not all having to sit on a conference call at awkward times. People can come into the system at a time that suits them and review things. And we know their comments will be seen by everybody else.”

Alistair McBain, Sr. Business Consultant

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Gain New Levels of Clarity and Visibility

Jama Connect provides visibility across product definition, design, build and test phases, and exposes relationships and dependencies between systems, teams, activities and results.

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Increase Your Organization’s Speed and Efficiency

Jama Connect enables teams to minimize rework, as well as time spent on non value-adding activities such as meetings and lengthy review processes.

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Move Forward with Confidence

Jama Connect provides insight into current progress to goal to drive execution. It also illuminates risk, and eases the path towards product compliance.​

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Flatten the Learning Curve

Set up Jama Connect to mirror your existing process, eliminating the need to learn a new one. Team members easily recognize stage names, process steps and more.

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How Modern Requirements Management Can Ease the Pain of Collaborative Product Development

Learn how Jama Connect’s Data Exchange service and can ensure the right product is being built quickly and with less thrash, fewer bugs and increased alignment across stakeholders.

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