Work Better Together

Jama Analyze is your product development organization’s solution for data-driven collaboration. Dashboards provide views into the product development lifecycle and patterns of risk across projects and time. Group metrics by team, product or audience, so information is shared at the right level of detail with project leads, team members and leaders.​

Connect and Collect

Automatically collect and trend data create custom metrics using your team’s saved searches (JQLs) from Jira Software and data from integrations like Github, Bitbucket and Pivotal Tracker.

Jama Analyze Connect and Collect

Invite everyone​

Jama Analyze makes it easy to add all teams involved in the product development process. Development leaders can create reports specific to their team. Managers can roll up reporting across teams. ​

Unlimited dashboards​

Remove data silos and compare KPIs across all your teams in a single chart or dashboard. Create as many dashboards as you need to share insights or use private dashboards to keep sensitive information within your group.​

No queries, coding or waiting

With no coding or IT required, you can start tracking critical team data in minutes. We do the heavy lifting for you through an intuitive and elegant interface for tracking the trends you care about.

“Simply put, there really isn’t a better solution. How Jama Analyze is able to ‘crunch’ several JQL queries into exactly what you need is remarkable. The tool provides reports on data but also provides a feedback channel that helps to assess how the team is doing.”

Michelle Melancon, Senior Software Engineer, AVID

Teamwide Intelligence

Identify critical opportunities to adjust process and improve outcomes by trending and combining data that is sourced by your teams and technologies you use most.​

Meaningful Metrics

Develop custom metrics and goals tailored to your workflow and standardized on best practices. Create custom formulas with data from tools, API or manual updates. Automated workflows help your team add data from anywhere so you can track any formula.

Jama Analyze Meaningful Metrics

Collaboration and context

Product, engineering and development teams can provide valuable feedback and comments about specific data points to provide meaningful context for stakeholders. ​

Data at your fingertips​

Data Directory provides access to the data that matters the most. See who owns the data and how frequently it’s being reported. Ensure the data is accessible only to the users you want.​

Visual reports or team polling

Team polling allows managers to collect direct feedback from teams on their progress, confidence and morale.​