Jama Connect™

Synchronizes Jira Software issues and tasks with requirements, items and test cases providing traceability across your product development process.

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Jama Analyze™

Provides reporting into performance across all teams working in Jira Software, giving product and engineering leaders the ability to identify risks and make informed decisions to remove bottlenecks and ensure product success.

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Jama Connect + Jira Software

Coordinate Business Goals with Engineering Tasks

Increase the visibility of activities across a unified, synchronized environment. Jira Software shares real-time task statuses as well as items and test cases. Your teams can use familiar tools and processes to increase efficiency while collaborating more effectively across the enterprise. Exchange vital, up-to-the-minute data — from project inception through completion.

Connecting With Jira Software

Accelerate the development of complex software products with Jama Connect and Jira Software. Using this integration, product managers and engineers can build requirements and test plans in Jama Connect while developers continue to work in Jira for support management and team level processes. Bidirectional syncing allows both sets of users to sync tasks and requirements. Leverage Jama Connect’s relationship hierarchy and version history with Jira Software’s ability to view active stories and epics for greater insights into your project’s progress.

Jama Analyze + Jira Software

The Easiest Way to Track Metrics from Jira Software Across All of Your Teams

Jama Analyze is your product development organization’s solution for data-driven collaboration. Combine metrics from Jira Software and other sources and group by team, product, program, portfolio or audience, so information is shared at the right level of detail with project leads, team members and leaders.

Reveal Roadblocks and Inform Action

Jama Analyze for Jira Software provides product and engineering leaders a far-reaching view into performance across teams, so they can identify risks and make informed decisions to improve efficiency and product success. Surface cycle times to identify choke points and bottlenecks as issues move from one state to another. Get a global view of work in progress to understand the tickets and issues the teams have open and are working.

Align Your Resources

Create a complete view of your product development process by combining data from any source, via API, team source data or integrations, gaining clear insights into business goals, team performance and product progress. Measure the readiness of your backlog to be worked by each team to reduce thrash. Evaluate defect removal efficiency to understand how efficient your team is at removing bugs from the product before they affect a customer.

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