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Jama Software is Announcing Record Growth, Profitability & Unmatched Customer Loyalty

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Jama Software is Announcing Record Growth, Profitability & Unmatched Customer Loyalty

It started with an idea – to build an easy-to-use requirements management platform that would address ever-increasing product and software development complexities. Now, 13 years later, Jama Software is an innovative, award-winning industry leader dedicated to helping our customers around the world shape the future by catalyzing their ideas into reality.

Jama Software, the leading requirements management solution for building complex products and integrated systems, today shared details on its business performance during the pandemic. “We value transparency and especially in these uncertain times we owe our clients and prospects visibility into our business performance,” said Marc Osofsky, Chief Executive Officer at Jama Software. On nearly all objective measurements, Jama Software is the #1 company for requirements management software.

I want to thank our clients for their tremendous passion for Jama Connect and its critical impact on remote R&D and engineering team productivity. This has led directly to record growtin usage, industry leading retention, revenue, profitability, cash flow and product investment.
– Marc Osofsky, CEO, Jama Software


Customer Usage
  • Items – over 480 million requirements items managed by our clients
  • Users – over 12.5 million active users
  • Reviews – over 1,250 review sessions daily
  • Cloud – over 100TB of requirements in our managed cloud (clients may also self-host): largest requirements management provider in the cloud
Product Investment & Investors
  • Investment – the largest annual budget solely dedicated to requirement management software development and client success
  • Product – over 2,500 enhancements made
  • Investors – the only requirements management company backed by a top tier investor: Insight Partners with $30 billion under management

Our customers are leading innovation in crucial industries like medical device, automotive, industrial manufacturing and aerospace.” said Osofsky. They’re not only transforming the products and systems they build, but the technology and process they use to build them. Jama Connect is critical to helping engineering teams stay aligned to hit delivery timelines while maintaining product quality and compliance.
-Marc Osofsky, CEO, Jama Software