The Jama and Rally Integration

Jama Software bridges the gap between product planning and development, ensuring everyone knows what is being built and why.

Businesses choose Agile to speed time to market and stay responsive to constantly changing customer needs. Development teams need upstream visibility to ensure they’re satisfying customer requirements. Product Managers need downstream visibility to ensure progress is on track to meet project deadlines. As development cycles accelerate, it is more important than ever that project teams ensure development activities align with business priorities.

How do these tools integrate? 


With Jama, customer needs and project expectations are clarified up front. As developers track stories and sprints in Rally, Jama provides cross-functional teams a place to openly discuss customer needs, manage changes, track decisions and capture approvals on project plans. At any time in the process, business and development team members can collaborate in Jama on key decisions, issues or questions affecting the product in the proper context.

Jama’s integration with Rally creates an ongoing feedback loop, giving everyone confidence that development activities map back to customer expectations and priorities. This integration is an ideal solution for “WaterScrumFall” organizations practicing a hybrid approach to Agile, where Agile development teams work in real-time with stakeholders and formally document requirements to meet regulatory compliance and contractual commitments.

Shared vision of plans Managing your backlog
Collaboration and reviews Agile project management
Traceability and change control Progress reporting and burn downs
Robust reporting and specifications

Jama Integration for Rally

Jama integrates with Rally to efficiently scale Agile practices and software development, keeping teams in sync and speeding development and release.

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