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The Jama Product Delivery Platform taps into the great ideas and talents of everyone across your organization invested in building and delivering great products. Product delivery is bigger than product development. It begins much earlier in the product life cycle, at the concept phase, and carries through all the way to market launch. Jama brings all stakeholders into the process with a structured collaboration environment that empowers everyone with instant and comprehensive insight. With Jama’s enterprise collaboration capabilities sitting on top of a robust requirements management and test management solution, your organization can unlock innovation and transform the way you plan, build and deliver great products.

Latest Product Release

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Elements of the Jama Product-Delivery Solution:

Review Center


Capture buy-in and approvals faster.

Forget static spec documents emailed around for feedback and approval. Lose the errors resulting from multiple and outdated versions. Save time and gain context to the full discussions around requirements. Connect distributed and agile teams with stakeholders to review, approve and achieve agreement on requirements inline. Learn more about Jama Requirements Management >

Test Management


Execute test plans and track defects back to requirements.

Everyone on your team cares about quality; however, they need to balance the tension between quality and speed. When your team engages in real-time conversations about the impact and prioritization of defects, they can quickly make adjustments to ensure timely delivery without sacrificing quality. With Jama’s integrated test, your QA teams execute test plans that directly associate with requirements and features. Coverage explorer visually represents the impact on features of outstanding defects. With Jama, the product you define upfront is what your team delivers. Learn more about Jama Test Management >

Social Engagement


Increase visibility into your development.

Enterprise collaboration brings everyone across your organization in to define and launch successful new products. With Jama Review Center, review participants join a real-time discussion, propose edits, flag issues, vote for prioritized features and ultimately approve and electronically sign-off on requirements for an official record of the agreed-upon scope. The Collaboration Stream uses common social constructs, such as #tagging, to quickly filter all conversations on a topic, !Action tags and @mentions to bring people across the organization into the product-delivery process for faster decision-making and full context. Learn more about Jama Enterprise Collaboration >

Connected Users


See how everyone connects to the work.

Get a view into the entire community invested in the product success. With this graphical indicator layering on actionable insight to the Jama stream, users know instantly who is connected to their work items to immediately reach out—via @mention—to the right person with questions, answers or to elevate the discussion to those who need to know. This level of insight into the people talking about a feature under discussion empowers individuals to communicate in real-time and make more strategic decisions. Make sure everyone involved in product delivery understands how their work impacts the business objectives so they can prioritize effectively.



Distributed teams around the globe can’t stop iterating just because you are in a meeting.

Today, product delivery happens around the clock and across the globe. Continuous iteration means everyone needs to be reachable for quick decision-making and to react to developments up and down stream. Stakeholders can access the Jama Product Delivery Platform directly from email, from the product stream or from their mobile device. Jama mimics the workflows they’re used to, with simple interfaces, actionable reporting, baselines and real-time insight. With Jama, product delivery is truly agile.



Save critical time with requirements reuse.

When you can reuse up to 85% of your requirements, your next product gets to market faster, key to out-innovating your competition. With a centrally managed library of reusable product details that automatically update product teams across the enterprise, requirements reuse keeps requirements synchronized and in context, alongside associated changes, comments, reference items, decisions and other related information. With Jama, reusable assets are continually enhanced to improve product quality over time.



Bring your requirements to life.

Create Business Process Models (BPM), workflow diagrams, mockups and other visual images with Jama’s visual requirements editors. Publish up-to-date Software Requirements Specification (SRS) or Product Requirements Document (PRD)s. Import Word, Excel and IBM DOORS information, preserving the formatting, images and hierarchical structure as needed. Include images, 3-D models, videos and other rich media to your requirements to show what you’re trying to build.

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