What is Jama?

Learn how Jama supports a systems approach to product development.

Five Keys to Modern Systems Engineering

  • Keep all valuable product IP in a centralized system of action.

    • Represent the product as a set of features that map back to requirements.
    • Connect teams for collaborative, efficient decision making.
    • Capture work in progress, snapshots and archives in one place.

    Jama gives everyone real-time visibility into progress and change.

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  • Better, faster product definition.

    • Coordinate engineering responses and cross-functional stakeholder input.
    • Define, commit to and sign-off on features, requirements and specs.
    • Reduce design cycles by up to 25% and reviews by as much as 50%.

    Focus on the requirements that deliver innovation and ROI.

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  • Prove requirements validation and verification.

    • Efficiently manage compliance and regulatory needs.
    • Support efficient V-model execution.
    • Build the right products, the right way.

    Have confidence your release meets every standard.

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  • See every link between product, test and requirements.

    • Loop QA teams in throughout the design and development process.
    • Ensure complete test coverage of software, system and component specs.
    • Create, maintain and relate test cases alongside requirements.

    Visually confirm that every requirement has been tested.

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  • Accelerate new product development.

    • Reuse entire IP blocks across product line variants.
    • Create a secure, centralized, synchronized IP library.
    • Turn specs into services to cut development overhead.

    Reuse innovation to diversify, find new markets and realize ROI.

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Partner with Jama’s Customer Success Team

Our customer success team will configure Jama to support your organization. We work closely with you to understand your business goals to help you create and enforce a standardized, scalable process. Our expertise in understanding how people work today translates to faster-time-to-value deployments and broader tool adoption.

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Who we integrate with

Integrate Jama with the Tools your Teams Use

The Jama Integration Hub, powered by Tasktop, helps companies cultivate cross-team collaboration and sync data between applications. Out-of-the-box integrations and a REST API extend Jama functionality and fit seamlessly into your specific tool ecosystem.

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