On the road to launch, it’s not enough to be fast. Or to deliver the right product. You need to do both.

Keep all valuable product IP in one secure, accessible location.

  • Forget about scattered spreadsheets and documents
  • Stop scrambling for final revisions or verifying latest versions
  • Hold onto IP when someone leaves

Jama gives you and everyone involved a single source of truth.

Provide a common understanding of what’s
being built.

  • Collaborate across the entire organization
  • Define, commit to and sign-off on features, requirements and specs
  • Reduce design cycles by up to 20% and reviews by as much as 50%

With Jama, everyone stays informed about progress and changes in real-time.

Ensure that what gets built is what was planned.

  • Illuminate progress, changes and impact of trade-offs
  • Capture and flag decisions
  • Trace coverage and dependencies

With Jama, you will have confidence your release isn’t missing anything.

See every link between product, test and requirements.

  • Loop QA teams in throughout the design and development process
  • Ensure complete test coverage of software, system and component specs
  • Create, maintain and relate test cases alongside requirements

With Jama, you can visually confirm that every requirement has been tested.

Reuse information across product lines.

  • Reuse entire IP blocks to accelerate new development
  • Create a secure, centralized, synchronized IP library
  • Integrate and manage cross-project activities

With Jama, you can focus on invention and innovation.

See how Jama can uncomplicate your product processes.

Try Jama and see how it can help you manage product complexity, save time and cut costs.

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