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Teams use Jama to define, build and test great products.
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The Jama software platform helps you conquer product and organizational complexities that threaten to slow your development or put your products at risk. As the central hub that connects your teams, Jama stores your product data in one readily accessible, cloud-based location. Teams use Jama for real-time visibility into all information they need to work effectively.

Jama eliminates the communication obstacles at the core of product delays. Jama’s purposeful collaborative tools are integrated into its industry-leading requirements and test management platform to connect everyone seamlessly, regardless of location or role. People using Jama can immediately ask questions, get timely feedback from the right stakeholders and resolve issues without leaving their work. Accelerated communication equals faster time to market.

Plus, product-related communication stays connected to the work forever, so everyone understands the impact and rationale of changes as they apply across projects.

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Forget static spec documents emailed around for feedback and approval. Lose the errors resulting from multiple and outdated versions. Connect distributed and agile teams with stakeholders to review, approve and achieve agreement on requirements inline. Learn more about Jama’s Requirements Management ❯


With Jama’s integrated test, your QA teams execute test plans that directly associate with requirements and features. Coverage explorer visually represents the impact on features of outstanding defects. With Jama, the product you define upfront is what your team delivers. Learn more about Jama’s Test Management ❯


Increase visibility into your development. The collaboration stream provides insight into decisions made and issues raised throughout the product-delivery process. Within the Review Center, participants can approve and electronically sign-off on requirements for an official record of the agreed-upon scope. Learn more about purposeful collaboration ❯

Requirements Reuse

When you can reuse up to 85% of your requirements, your next product gets to market faster. Jama’s requirements reuse keeps requirements synchronized and in context, alongside associated changes, comments, reference items, decisions and other related information.

Change Management

Jama helps you control a project’s scope as it goes through the development life cycle. In Jama, change requests are linked to related requirements and team members. Comments and activities related to change requests stay in context so everyone can weigh in on how the update affects the project.


With Jama, you can track the impact of a change on other requirements and create custom filters to see related requirements. Traceability helps you understand coverage and track relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, and defects to demonstrate compliance and assure quality.

Why choose Jama?

Ease of Use

Get up to speed faster.

If an enterprise application is too difficult to use and takes months to learn, your team will reject it, resulting in zero value. Jama delivers an unmatched user experience that makes it easy to import requirements, collaborate with the entire team, create trace relationships, plan releases, track changes, instantly run reports and more. Jama also supports a variety of development processes, so you’re free to use different methodologies and evolve your process over time without constraint by the tool.

Modern Accessibility

Distributed teams around the globe can’t stop iterating just because you are in a meeting.

Today, product delivery happens around the clock and across the globe. Continuous iteration means everyone needs to be reachable for quick decision-making and to react to developments up and down stream. Stakeholders can access the Jama Product Delivery Platform directly from email, from the product stream or from their mobile device. Jama mimics the workflows they’re used to, with simple interfaces, actionable reporting, baselines and real-time insight. With Jama, product delivery is truly agile.

Services and Training

Increase visibility into your development.

At Jama, we have comprehensive services and training to ensure your success. Our experts provide the services you need to realize maximum value from the Jama Product Delivery Platform — in short order, we will have your team working quicker and more efficiently, communicating better and ultimately delivering higher-quality products. We partner with you to quickly adapt Jama to fit your product-delivery process and seed adoption of Jama.
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Requirements Reuse

Social Collaboration


What’s New in Jama

2014.2 Release: We’ve introduced new features in Jama to make sure the people who manage the what and the why of product delivery have the right information in the right place at the right time, and can make faster and more accurate decisions. Learn more about our product updates ❯

As a continuous delivery company, we update our SaaS solution every few weeks. For details on our latest SaaS release on November 8, please see our release notes ❯

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