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Jama removes friction and frustration from your product delivery process.

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  • Requirements and Specifications

    From ideas and concepts to stories and test plans, your teams need greater visibility into the overall development process. Jama cuts the friction and connects everyone together. Jama combines requirements management, integrated test management and purposeful collaboration including the industry-leading Review Center, into one solution, with tight integration to popular developer tools. See the benefits of Jama Requirements Management >

  • Test Management

    Once you’ve defined what you’re building, you need to ensure you have proper test coverage and validation. With Jama’s integrated test management, QA professionals can work together with product managers and business analysts to develop test plans that match and trace to the changing requirements, stories and defects being worked on within projects and releases. See the benefits of Jama Test Management >

  • Purposeful Collaboration

    Many tools promise to be social, but what’s the value of unstructured comments? They’re just noise. Jama uniquely provides meaningful context to the details of a project so teams have greater understanding and more efficient ways to communicate. Jama is the only solution to provide a collaborative Review Center and intuitive workflows so you can make faster decisions, review specs and approve changes to dramatically cut wasted time. See the benefits of Jama Purposeful Collaboration >

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The teams at SpaceX uses Jama to collaborate with NASA and keep track of thousands of requirements for their missions to the International Space Station.

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Jama helps Deloitte’s consultants deliver value and quality by supporting flexible and repeatable processes that accelerate product delivery and control costs.

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Fortune 100 Company

Over 2,000 systems engineers and analysts at a global semiconductor manufacturer streamline their mobile chipset design processes using Jama.

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