Unlock Information Stored in Overwhelming MRDs and PRDs

Working fast is difficult when your team is wrestling with marketing requirements documents (MRDs) or product requirements documents (PRDs) that are hundreds of pages and immediately out of date. All the while, decisions and changes are locked up in diverging email chains.

Using Jama as your requirements system of record, achieve and maintain alignment with real-time updates across hardware and software teams in a single location.

Break down requirements to an atomic level and access only the information you need.

Manage change seamlessly

View requirements on an atomic level and ensure everyone is working from the most recent version. See how items are connected and get a clear picture of the impact of change.

Conduct reviews in Jama

Simplify the review and approval process by capturing key stakeholders feedback from within Jama. Initiate reviews on a document, a group of items, or even single items.

Connect users to individual items

Focus only on the requirements you’re connected to instead of the entire 400-page document. Collaborate in real-time and respond quickly to changes without having to search through lengthy PRDs.

Break Down Silos and Blend Methodologies

The rise of the Internet of Things is bringing together hardware, firmware and software development. And combining methodologies, like Agile and Waterfall, is breaking the traditional document-based product development workflow.

Jama allows for different item types with different fields and workflows, enabling teams to work in their own space and to follow their own methods, all while retaining a central repository for product development.

Construct intuitive rules for traceability.

Ensure data is connected correctly

Use Jama to define and standardize relationships. This feature prevents users from connecting incorrect data, and helps maintain project structure.

Customize your workflows

Map out workflows in Jama to adapt to your organization’s business needs. Configure items in a number of different ways, so that teams can work according to their own methods.

Validate and verify in real-time

Manage traceability of test cases used for verification and validation. Execute test plans that directly associate with requirements.

See it in Action

This five-minute overview demonstrates how Jama Connect™ supports requirement/specification management in the context of microchip and SoC designs.

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