Jama Software for Education

Enabling students to create ground-breaking work

We provide university classes and student groups with the same product development software used by leading technology companies — the ones your students want to work for after graduation.

With free licenses, you can equip future leaders with the technology needed to collaborate, manage complexity, and build great products.

“Overall, as the faculty, a tool like Jama provides me with an improved visibility into the students work, and also improves my ability to effectively collaborate with students outside the classroom, for both mentoring and evaluation purposes.”

Cécile Péraire, Carnegie Mellon

Why leading educators use Jama Software in the classroom

Clear Visibility
As students work on group projects, Jama Software gives teachers and team members visibility into their work and progress.

Web-based technology enables your students to work and collaborate anywhere, making it easy to fit projects into busy schedules.  

Applied Preparation
Using the same platform as industry-leading companies ensures students have an edge when it’s time to compete outside the classroom.

What You’ll Get

At Jama Software, we want students to enter the workforce with both the experience and confidence to push companies forward.

Education programs that qualify receive free enterprise licenses of Jama Software for every student enrolled in participating classes. They also get access to all our online learning materials and customer community.

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