“Rational RequisitePro 7.1.x will reach End of Support on April 30th, 2016.”


IBM Is Closing the Doors on ReqPro

IBM’s Rational RequisitePro requirements management solution is nearing its end of life. Rational RequisitePro helped project teams manage their requirements, write good use cases, improve traceability, strengthen collaboration, reduce project rework, and increase quality.

Fortunately for RequisitePro users, there is a suitable replacement for them in Jama Software. Jama’s modern requirements management solution manages complexity and creates alignment across the entire product development process.

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Modernize Requirements Management with Jama

Requirements Management

With Jama, every product detail, spec, requirement and every change lives in one robust, collaborative requirements management solution:

  • Capture, discuss, review, approve and manage all your requirements in one central place.
  • Embrace an open, modern approach to product delivery with Jama’s collaborative Review Center.
  • Provide real-time product status to stakeholders across the organization.

Test Management

Jama helps link test cases to requirements, run test plans and log related defects to ensure test coverage and improve quality. Leverage test management to create seamless interactions between business analysts and product managers doing product planning with testers and engineers doing quality assurance.

  • Evaluate functional requirements, analysis models and prototypes as soon as portions of the requirements stabilize
  • Conceptually test software requirements to control project cost and schedule
  • Catch requirement ambiguities and errors early — before they significantly impact your project

Purposeful Collaboration

Jama brings all stakeholders into the process with an integrated, structured collaboration layer that empowers everyone with instant comprehensive insight into what your teams are building and why.

  • Real-time visibility provides context into the process both upstream and downstream.
  • Decision tracking alerts stakeholders when project decisions are required and signals key decisions have been made.
  • In-stream, email and mobile notifications instantly alert people when they are affected and allow them to respond directly from their mobile device.
  • Inline comments capture the entire conversation within Jama so everyone can see the discussion thread about a specific requirement, test case or other item.
Jama’s Review Center allows systems developers to leverage higher levels of stakeholder collaboration and build the bridges between government, contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors

“This was a very complex project. There were over 10,000 requirements and test cases exceeded 5,000. We used Jama to manage and collaborate successfully with our client through requirements, design, system, and user acceptance testing.”

Kenneth J. Smith, Senior Manager, Deloitte

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Migrating to Jama

When the time comes to move away from RequisitePro, Jama offers a choice for getting teams and their data into Jama.

1. Users can export requirements and other content from RequisitePro in excel and import directly into Jama through an out-of-the-box import flow. This is a simple self service approach to migrating data.

2. Our consultants can migrate the data you care about and import it into a structure most useful for you. We provide assistance mapping the data between the systems and offer additional customizations through our professional services team. Perfect for for larger scale migrations.

Fill out the form on the left to learn more about how Jama can help you migrate off of RequisitePro.